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Top 5 Accessories That Make To the List of Every Fashion Lover

Fashion is personal, fashion is objective and it does change with times, undoubtedly. Some people may make statements doing simply nothing; while others depend a lot on accessories to be there and turn heads. Modern fashion is unimaginable without accessories. Whether it is sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, that is, the classic ones – or the new entries like mobile phones, iPads, etc; these are not merely accessories but the staples a fashion lover thrives upon.

So, if you are into updating your fashion accessories’ list, and don’t know what is missing, look at these stylish options that have just made to the shelves with all pomp and glory:

1. Watches

Yes, they are back and with the vengeance to kill! Watches are back in vogue and are replacing bracelets like never before. The idea of not keeping time-keepers got fed by the rampant use of mobile phones that did the job. But, that actually took away all the style from the wrists. Women done with flashy bracelets have now found respite in flamboyant watches from big names and they love to be seen back with these ageless marvels.

2. Statement neckpieces

Too much of gaudy clothes turn everybody off these days. People lay focus on the dress material and the simple seams. The modern women love simple clothing in a casual outing and so, statement neckpieces are complementing the simple look pretty stylishly. Just one neckpiece, a messy bun and lipstick – and you are perfectly on for that special date.

3. Wallet cases

You have read it right! The phones of cadre of iPhone that cost no less than kidneys definitely need to be encased in something stylish yet safe. iPhone wallet case is the latest in the accessory list as this small thing can talk dozens about your sense of styling. These cases come in genuine leather and can be personalized on demand. You will have plethora of self-print designs and themes to pick from and make your iPhone look different every single day.

4. Hackpack

A savior for people living out of suitcase! Hackpacks are unstoppable, period. With airport looks making headlines, these accessories can add to the confidence of the user. The way you carry it and flaunt it in style can certainly take the attention of any faux pas that you made. Not only these hackpacks stand for comfort and convenience, their style speaks about the personality you are; how organized you actually are.

5. Ear-cuffs

Now this is an accessory for those who dare to dress up and high up! Ear cuffs are extension to the studs and earrings and accessorize the earlobes to the utmost perfection. So, those fashionistas who are not dreaded by the idea of accessorizing with jewelry pieces can now be seen flaunting this element with all the style.

So, check your accessory kit out for these amazing add-ons that have silently crept into the styling scene of the present times. If these are missing, add them right away to show how updated your styling sense is!