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Top 3 Bad Habits For Your Teeth

We all have bad habits that we would like to break but sometimes we do things without even knowing how detrimental they can really be to our life. Often dentists will experience patients that have bad dental habits that could cause damage to their teeth. Most of us try our best to take care of our teeth and understand that having good looking teeth can have a positive impact on our life in many ways. On the other hand having poor teeth that cause us regular pain can make life more difficult.

In this article we are going to go over 3 bad habits for your teeth that you should avoid. Although these 3 bad habits are good to keep in mind and avoid it is no comparison to visiting a professional dental clinic like Little Green Building. Regular checkups will ensure you aren’t making any other mistakes that could be causing damage to your teeth or gums.

Brushing With Too Much Pressure

When you’re brushing your teeth it’s important to be careful with exactly how much pressure you are putting on the toothbrush. When you apply too much pressure to your teeth the bristles on the brush can cause enamel erosion as well as sensitivity and gum irritation. Many of us will apply additional pressure thinking that it is going to be helpful in removing everything and providing a good cleaning. The truth is that using a brush with softer bristles and applying less pressure will be more beneficial to your teeth.

Grinding Your Teeth

Many people grind or clench their teeth by habit, what many of us don’t know is that this can actually be pretty harmful! This is often also called Bruxism. Try and be aware of what you are doing with your teeth especially in times when you are nervous, anxious or upset about something. Bruxism is known to cause many issues and damage to your teeth and can lead to serious pain that requires lots of dental work to correct.

If you find yourself clenching your teeth at night while sleeping there are some solutions. I would recommend you visit your local dentist or search for a dentist who specializes in this area and can provide you with protective night-time tooth guards.

Not Flossing

Most of us know that we should be flossing regularly. We have all been told by someone at some point that we should be flossing often. Although many of us are not aware about how often we should be flossing exactly, while it does vary person to person usually it’s recommended that you floss three times a week or more. This will ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

By keeping these common habits in mind as you go through your daily routine you can help to significantly avoid a lot of possible damage to your teeth. Along with these habits there are many other possible things you could be doing to damage your teeth and no information online will help take care of these issues as much as a dental checkup. If you live in a city like Toronto dentists are usually easy to find and will gladly give you a checkup. If you live in a smaller town there is probably a local dental clinic that serves your community. It is important to be getting regular dental checkups to ensure good dental health.