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Top 13 Medical Supplies That A New Nurse Need!

Starting a new job or nursing school is exciting for everyone. However, it can also give stress about what type of nursing medical supplies you will need. It is important to buy the essential medical suppliers for a new graduated registered nurse or a new student.

But, you don’t need to feel stressed because we are here a short list of 13 medical supplies. You will need the supplies in your nursing bag to do your job perfectly.

Top Medical Supplies & Tools for a Nurse (LPN & RNs)
Nursing Scrubs

Nursing scrub or nursing uniforms are a must for a nursing school student or job. A royal blue colored scrub is must for registered nurses and teal color for licensed practical nurses.

Normally, the color of uniform depends on the organization. Some organization offers to wear your favorite color. Grey’s Anatomy is the best company to provide good quality and comfortable nursing scrubs.

Nursing Lab Coats

Nursing lab coats or jackets are also must for new nurses or nursing students. You need to wear a nursing lab coat over your scrub. It will help to look professional. It comes with several pockets for keeping paper, pen, scissor etc. that you may need.


The stethoscope is one of the most important medical supply for a nurse. It will help to hear the sound of different parts of the body. As a result, you can understand the health condition of a patient. Littmann and Prestige are two most popular brands for stethoscopes. You can try any of the brands for your first stethoscope.

Nursing Shoes

Many new nurses or nursing students end up session with leg pain and back pain. It’s because of wrong selection of nursing shoes. You need to spend 12 hours per shift, with an average of 11 hours standing or walking duty.

Therefore, you need a comfortable and supportive pair of nursing shoes. You need to choose the best nursing shoes for your feet. Otherwise, you will surely feel back and leg pain.

Nursing Socks

A good compression stocking is must to prevent varicose veins. You should choose good quality nursing socks daily. It will prevent pain as well as varicose veins.

Depending on your comfort, you can choose the height. However, too much high compression will become uncomfortable for you. Too low will not help you to prevent varicose veins. You need to choose a normal size compression stockings pair.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Some nursing student might consider it as an option medical item. Many hospitals offer a blood pressure monitors to work. However, it is a good choice to have a personal blood pressure monitor. It will help to run efficiently in both home and hospital.

Pen Light

Don’t forget about penlight! It is an important item to use for a various checkup. It is a small and cheap item with so many uses. It will help to check the neuron status and mucous membranes.

Moreover, the small light can also access you for inserting a Foley catheter. As it is a small item, it can easily be lost. So, keep it in your pocket and don’t forget it!

Dressing Scissor

Scissor is important for opening medication packages, changing bandages and other works. You need to choose a good quality scissor for durable support and sharpness.

Nursing Watch

You can’t manage your time properly without having a good watch. It is important to buy and wear a safe watch. You need to see the time and work accordingly. Depending on a time schedule, you might need to give medicines to patients or do other works. So, a watch is must to manage time.

NCLEX Study Guide

It is important to buy an NCLEX study guide book for your registered RN examination. It does not matter whether you are a new nurse student or just get a job, you need a good guidebook.

The book will help to study properly to pass the exam. There are several books available for NCLEX. So, you need to buy them so that you can pass the exam with good grades.

Tote Bags

A perfect tote bag is important for a nurse or nursing student. You will need to carry many things to your clinic or nursing school. Therefore, your tote bag should provide enough space for that stuff.

Drug Book guide

A small drug book guide can help to write important information. You need to know some basic information about medicines, how they work, what the side effect is and when to give the medicines to the patients. So, a small book can help to write the information.

ID Badge Holder

You can various designs and shapes of badges for the name. You need to choose a right ID badge holder that is easy to scan for your access.

These are the top medical supplies for the nursing list. When you are intending to admit into nursing school or get a job, you just need to buy them.

Written by Jennifer, chief editor of “Health and The City” website.