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Top 10 Benefits of Using Rhassoul Clay Mask for Your Hair

Since the evolution of mankind, skin and hair have always been the primary factor to affect the human appearance. To have a healthy skin and hair, there have been a variety of solutions employed, among which, mud-masking has proved to consist a lot of benefits for the skin and has been around since the ancient times.

While there are various types of facial masks one can think of, the essential and common element in all of them has been Clay. It is majorly due its ability to help heal the skin and to absorb impurities. Due to the different types of Clays, we arrive to the fact that there are different Clay masks, all of which serve a specific purpose for different skin types.

Rhassoul Clay, among the many Clays available in the world, is the only Clay which works with each and every skin type. Formed by a natural combination of geothermal changes and volcanic activities, Rhassoul Clay, is extracted from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is widely used in SPAs for skin and hair because of its silk-like feel and its ability to nourish the skin. There even some clay hair mask products with micronized diamonds that enhance even further the benefit of the clay by moisturizing the skin while removing all the impurities and toxins.


Rhassoul Clay, is quite simply a gift of nature, which has a number of benefits for both the skin and hair. To discuss some of the most prominent benefits of this amazing natural remedy, we have compiled a list of “Top 10 Benefits of Using Rhassoul Clay Mask for Your Hair”.

  1. All-Natural: Since Rhassoul Clay is found in the ancient deposits of Moroccan Atlas Mountains, therefore, it is an all-natural product. It contains natural ingredients which helps to make and keep the skin healthy which ultimately leads to a healthier set of hair. This benefit makes Rhassoul Clay unique among the other solutions available to make skin and hair healthier.
  2. Nourishes and Moisturizes: Rhassoul Clay has the incomparable ability to absorb toxins and impurities, and furthermore provide the skin and hair a variety of helpful minerals. These features of this Clay, helps to make both the skin and hair nourished and moisturized, ultimately improving the overall skin texture by 106%.
  3. Improves Skin Clarity: One major skin problem people face in the efforts of keeping the skin and hair healthy is breakouts. Rhassoul Clay overcomes all such breakouts and helps to make the skin clearer. It improves skin clarity by up to 68%.
  4. Reduces Dryness: Rhassoul Clay does not dry the skin like normal shampoos do. Which in result do not make the flakes dry and eliminates the possibility of an angry and itchy scalp. Almost 79% dryness is reduced by this magical clay.
  5. Helps to Reduce Flakiness: Due to Rhassoul Clay’s anti-microbial composition, it largely avoids making the flakes of the scalp dry. This factor reduces the possibility of flakiness by around 41% which plays a vital role in the reduction of hair loss. Rhassoul Clay, also absorbs excess sebum and cleanse hair from toxins.
  6. Improves Skin Elasticity: Because Rhassoul Clay helps to reduce flakiness, it furthermore helps to improve the skin elasticity. This means that, it leads to less scratching and less dandruff. Both these factors amount to the health of the hair, i.e. the lesser the dandruff, lesser will be the hair fall. Rhassoul Clay improves the skin elasticity by over 24%.
  7. Helps in Hair Shine Restoration: A mixture of Argan oil and Rhassoul Clay, helps to restore the shine in the hair. Therefore, before the application of Rhassoul Clay mask directly to the hair, it can first be mixed with Argan oil and then applied to have much more shinier hair after the hair wash.
  8. Improves Hair Texture: As discussed in the previous points, Rhassoul Clay plays an important role in making the skin clearer, elastic and less dry, therefore it also makes the scalp healthier. This would ultimately amount to the improvement of hair texture for the user to have much more healthier hair.
  9. Enhances Hair Volume: Because Rhassoul Clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, it attracts and removes all the toxins which have positive charge. This way of detoxifying the skin and removal of toxins, results in the enhancement of hair volume. Therefore, people with severe hair fall can instantly start using Rhassoul Clay which will not only reduce hair fall but also increase the volume of their hair.
  10. Softens Hair: Another amazing ability Rhassoul Clay has, is its ability to remove of dead cells. This helps to soften the hair as all the dead cells in the hair, which cause dryness and make hair easily breakable, are removed once the Rhassoul Clay mask is applied.