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Tom Woof and Max the Owl: How to Find Compassion and Seek Understanding Through Stories

Tom Woof and Max the Owl is a tale of a puppy with a love for writing. Tom writes wherever he can, and is misunderstood for his trait. But Max the Owl understands. He teaches Tom not only how to write his ideas down in a way that can be enjoyed, but how to bring the farm animals together through a shared love of stories.

Based on a real writer and editor in Jane’s life, this book is sure to touch the hearts of audiences of all ages.
Tom writes on everything — the trees, the walls, even the sheep! Similarly, kids often use graffiti as a form of creative expression, which is not always appreciated. Children have so much to say. They simply need guidance and support.

Just like Tom needs Max to help him put his stories together, young people are encouraged to ask for help and tell their stories. Seeking guidance is the best way to be heard, without ideas being rejected for how they are presented.

In today’s new age of remote learning, parents and teachers need resources to teach social and literary skills more than ever.

A great read-aloud book for parents and kids, Tom Woof and Max the Owl uses fantasy to model the necessary skills and behavior for children.

The farm animals did not get along because they only saw their differences. Coming from different backgrounds and having different opinions, how could they get along?

Hearing Tom read his stories out loud brings them together. Living on the same farm, breathing the same air, eating the same grass… they have more in common than they thought! Despite our differences as people, I hope we can come together on common ground.

This creative story shares an important message of working through conflict with others. It inspires imagination, compassion, community, and a love of literature.

Tom and Max are characters based on the great writer Thomas Wolfe and his editor, Jane’s great-grandfather Max Perkins, who discovered authors Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Tom Woof and Max the Owl is available at Amazon.com.

From author Jane Owen comes an imaginative story about conflict resolution.