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Tips and Tricks For Taking Care of Your Skin

Different skin types have different needs so never listen anyone else when your skin care is concerned. Do not fret because there are many products on the market these days for various skin issues as well as many clinics who can give their expert advice on which treatment you should undergo.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin you have to make sure that you will not make it drier. Therefore, pay special attention to cleansing time. It is best to use very mild cleansers, wash gels and soaps that contain no alcohol, fragrance and antibacterial substances because these can be very harsh on the dry skin. Also, avoid toners and masks that are full of alcohol and thus not made for dry skin type. Luckily, most products today clearly state which skin type they are meant for. Even so, remember to check the ingredient list.

Everyone has to protect their skin from sun damage but this is especially true for people with dry skin. Sun rays can cause premature wrinkles which can be really threatening for dry skin. Therefore, do not forget to wear protective sunscreen throughout the year, both on your body and your face so that any additional dryness, patchiness and wrinkles can be prevented.

Oily Skin

If you want to combat your oily skin successfully do not try to dry it up – on the contrary, you have to moisturize to achieve perfect balance. Therefore, pick very light moisturizers that would not make your face oilier, but will still give enough hydration.

Moreover, oily skin might require the usage of masks more often than other types of skin. Clay masks are great for purifying and mattifying oily skin type and there are some DIY masks that work great as well and you would not need to look further from your home for their ingredients. For example, clay, milk and honey work even better than clay alone on problematic oily skin.


Acne-prone Skin

If you are suffering from acne, you must work on your mental strength and avoid picking and touching your face as much as possible because otherwise the bacteria causing acne will only spread more.

What’s more, when you are cleaning your face try to do it at least twice a day. Under no circumstances are you to rub and pull your skin hard while cleansing because this will only make the skin surrounding acne more damaged and the acne appearance more visible.


With melasma being your main skin issue you have to talk to the doctor in order to get prescriptions for appropriate creams and lotions. These products usually contain some ingredients that are not freely available on the market and depending on your skin type in general, the doctor will prescribe the right skin care for you to lighten the dark spots.

Furthermore, if you want quicker results you can undergo a professional melasma treatment that is done with lasers. This process will require 3-4 sessions, but it is still a very effective and fast solution for dark spots if the patient is following proper beauty routine at the same time.


Problem with blackheads can be very annoying but the main thing you have to do is follow all skin care steps, including toners, exfoliation and masks. Actually, masks are your primary helpers with this issue. For example, a DIY honey and cinnamon mask will clean your face nicely while preventing inflammation. Simply mix a tablespoon of honey with ½ tablespoon of cinnamon and apply it to dry skin. Spend 3 minutes rubbing it in and then wash off with warm water and see the results for yourself.

No matter what your skin type or issue is, it is important to stay confident in yourself and never lose the sight of your goal which is bright and healthy skin. That way you will have enough patience to go through necessary beauty routines and treatments that will work for you.

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