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Tips to Slay the Prom Night With Heads-Turning Look

Senior year – hooray!

Ask any student, most of them will answer senior year as the most desirable school year for the. And why not? Senior year is the last year after which everyone leaves their nest to enter enticing world of college life. It is also the year when school life finally seems to get a bit fun. Less rules, more academic freedom and privileges that are hard to attain in junior school. But the most cherished fantasy is the prom night that always keeps students hooked up to enter their senior year as soon as possible.

Prom night is a signal that your senior year is about to end, bringing along heartfelt laughter, music, dance and opportunity to show your colors that are mostly hidden under the dress code of the school. Yes, prom night is the perfect time to come out with all your beauty and charisma to leave a long-lasting impact on the hearts of your classmates. And it is only possible if you get ready, and adore colors that make you stand out from so many other girls, all set to run in a beauty pageant. After all, don’t you want to be a dazzling diva in the pre-prom group photo to carve out a beautiful memory with the most beautiful look?

Obviously, yes! So, here are given tips to slay the night with an adorable look:

Wear What Suits You the Best:

Unlike the popular perception, wearing the most extravagant dress on the prom night doesn’t guarantee to turn heads for you. Colorful clothes, flowy gowns, unique styles and charming cuts do look good, but if this all doesn’t look good on you, nothing will work. Like, if you are a short, petite cutie, then a floor-length slit open gown might obscure your figure. Don’t go with it even if the majority of your fellows are planning to wear it. Think of wearing a knee-length tulle or lace scoop to turn into a princess of the prom night.

You can look out for other options from the collection of 2 sisters cocktail at Miss Runway Boutique to choose what goes well with your figure and height.

Don’t Go Over the Board with Accessories:

After choosing your dress, it is the time to add details to your look for pulling the string to perfection. But while picking accessories, don’t overdo it. You might feel like adoring all your best jewellery items to look expensive. But in pursuit to look expensive by loading yourself with jewellery, you might pull down your look. So, pull the strings in the right way!

If you are wearing large earrings, then you might not need a necklace. But if neckline of your dress is not heavily embellished and a necklace seems the legit choice to cover it up, then choose small earrings or studs to stay minimal. The key is to accent the style without overpowering your dress and look with accessories!

Don’t Miss a Distinct Touch:

Everyone will try to show up with the best dress, most stunning hairdo and Cinderella shoes, so what will make you stand-out? No matter how much different design you choose, some aspect of it, like fabric, style, length, or color, will match with someone else. So, if you don’t want to be another drop in the ocean of so many pretty girlies, look for a distinct touch that no one can think of.

What about replacing traditional jewellery with customized floral jewellery? Or sprinkling memories on your dress with customized old school photo printing on your dress? Doesn’t it sound so amazing? Just imagine how beautiful it will look in reality!

Pull these tips in your styling option, and get ready to handle the praises, admiring looks and heads turning towards you. Because you will be the eye-candy of the party! Don’t believe me? Try it out and thank me later!