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Tips to Select Perfume to Augment Your Cosmetic Collection

Indulging your senses with premium fragrances is not always associated with burning holes in the pocket. Good quality perfumes are available in plenty at reasonable prices. When you hunt for your favorite notes, do not bother about the costs instead, there are other parameters, which you should consider.

If you have a Valentino perfume on your mind, you can get similar fragrances at pocket-friendly prices. Read on to explore more about the things you should look for while purchasing a premium fragrance at competitive prices.

Know Your Note

Before you settle for any perfume, get to know what you like. Some people prefer floral fragrances while some find the fruity notes more tantalizing. If you have a bias for a particular note, select your perfume accordingly.

The best brands and sellers also offer masculine fragrances and feminine notes separately. Exotic fragrances often feature spicy hints, which many people love. So, first, get to know about your fondness and decide on your perfume likewise.

Single Or Multiple Note

Perfumes with a single note are hard to find. If you think that the scent that offers the aroma of a rose does not contain any other fragrance hint, you are mistaken. All premium grade perfumes feature three layers of notes – base, middle and top.

When you pick a perfume with a floral aroma, it would be a combination of several fragrances with one dominating note as the base.

The volatility of the middle and top notes is generally higher than the base one. Hence, the base note stays with you for a longer time making it the perfume’s characteristic note.

Dossier’s Floral Berry is an excellent choice for those who find floral fragrances most rejuvenating. Wear it for any occasion, and you will surely turn heads without much ado.


Fragrances come with varying levels of concentration. While perfumes top the concentration list, eau de cologne owns the fourth and the last place. Eau de perfume and eau de toilette hold the second and third positions respectively.

If you wish to settle for a fragrance that will last for n entire day, you should look for higher concentration varieties. Most high concentration tones tax your pocket heavily. However, some brands also offer affordable varieties of high-concentration perfumes.

Follow The Trend

Every fashion-forward man follows the latest fragrance trends. If spicy notes are ruling the market, you can settle for a premium fragrance with dominating spicy notes at any time. Check the perfume note trends of 2022 before adding another scent to your collection.

Test The Scent

Reading the perfume dominating note on its label is never a reason enough to buy one. You should always apply it to your pulse point to check how it smells. Return to buy it the next day if the fragrance stays for the entire day with you. Nothing can be better proof of a perfume’s quality than that.

Choosing the best perfumes at an affordable price is no longer a dream. With brands like Dossier offering premium fragrances at budget-friendly prices, wearing subtle notes is within everyone’s reach. Keep the aspects mentioned above in mind and buy your bottle today.