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Tips to Designing Your Baby-Friendly Backyard

Your backyard is probably one of the places where your kids will spend a chunk of their time while growing up. Depending on the age and the amount of bursting energy that is in their veins, your kids will want to engage in some activities outdoors. If you have a large backyard that can contain their energy and excitement, there is every need to design a safe and fun-friendly backyard for your kid.

However, this might be quite different if you are catering for a younger baby. Although babies also want to crawl around and get fresh air, their type of fun activity should have some level of restriction. Their transitioning from laying down to sitting to crawling to running around everywhere is fleeting and designing for it is probably for the best.

This article explores ways to get your backyard ready, how you can get your friendly backyard that allows children to ride in cars, and the best store to get the best children’s ride on cars electric toys for your growing kids.

1.     Soft Surfaces and Comfortable Seating

The surface area of the furniture in your backyard should be comfortable enough to lounge on while you hold your baby to wiggle around the backyard. Of course, the surface of the furniture should easily dry off any spills or drool from your baby. There are outdoor furniture options you can select from that fit this description.

Furthermore, soft grass that is tender for tiny knees and little feet are additions that complement your comfortable sittings. The soft grass goes perfectly with a thin blanket that allows your baby to crawl around while preventing any serious bruises to the tender knee.

2.     Moveable Furniture

Moveable furniture is the best thing to happen to backyards. Especially if you have little and fast- growing kids that need space to play, the movable furniture can get out of the way to create more space. In situations where you need to host a play date for your kids and the neighbours, movable furniture will help save you the hassle that comes with stationary furniture.

Interestingly, the movable furniture can go back to being the centre of attention when the kids are out of the backyard. In the interim where they need their space, moving out the furniture is best to avoid any type of injury and accident that might occur while they are playing. When designing your backyard to be a friendly playground for your baby, choose a piece of moveable furniture for accident-free fun activities.

3.     Child-Friendly Plants

Safety is the keyword when adding plants to your backyard. Of course, adding plants will bring more colour and a sweet smell to your backyard. However, you should aim to select soft plant types over the spiky option. You should also note the plant that bears berries or seeds that may be poisonous or cause skin irritation. Speaking of safety, investing in pest control can keep your children safe from fire ants and other dangerous bugs.

You should avoid any flower that is attractive to wasp and other stinging insects. If they have pollen or fruits, these plants or flowers will likely attract wasp. However, you can use barriers to close off the area of your background if you want these flowers or trees for your personal reason. These barriers should be strong and tall enough to restrict your child’s little fingers.

4.     Toy Types

The toy your kids have will also determine the design of your backyard. The type of toy your child interacts with while growing strongly determines how fast your child develop their mental and intellectual capacity. Toys like electric cars and scooters are great choices for your child to play in while growing up. Your young kids’ interest in science and technique can be engaged from a young age. Kids also like to mimic their parents. They also want to drive cars like their parent.

Preparing your backyard for them to drive their electric cars is an important point to consider while designing your background. You should endeavour to put more focus on smooth flooring with professional laying. Aside from having smooth flooring for your kids’ electric cars, they are also nice paving for your baby. It does not hinder their crawling as it provides the flat surface they need to sit and practise their walking.

5.     Overhead Shades

Taking care of the flooring and its entire element is one thing, the other important area is the overhead shade. Some parents prefer to use the trees they plant as shade as they grow but an alternative is overhead shades. Using overhead shades is flexible and gives you control over how your background turns out for different seasons.

For the summer period, this comes in handy to prevent excessive sun in scenarios where it gets sunny. They are also foldable when you need to have a play date and want all the available sun you can have. Alternatively, you could use pop up umbrellas. These umbrellas are flexible for use especially when you want your new baby is lying still in the backyard.

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Wrapping It Up

Designing your baby-friendly backyard is important to avoid accidents while they are having fun. It is important to have fail-safes in place in the playground for your child’s best interest. The above recommendations are some of the ways you can ensure that your child looks forward to every backyard fun moment. You can trust Riiroo toys to get your child away from the screens and give them a toy to look forward to playing with at all times.