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Tips to Bring Your Backyard to Life

In Australia, we’re lucky, because the weather is temperate all year round. Even in winter, it’s colder than usual, and a bit rainy in some places. But apart from the snow-capped spaces of Victoria, we have sunshine most days of the year. Meaning our back yards are always accessible, and we’re often two seconds away from a barbeque or outdoor pizza event.

But that doesn’t mean you should let your yard stay drab and unattended. There’s so much you can do to maximise your space. Besides, a well-kept back yard raises your property value, so it’s a worthy investment. Assuming you own your home, check with your local Home Owner’s Association (HOA) before making any changes. You don’t want to get cited.

Bring on the water works

Water is a great way to improve your personal real estate. You could install a pretty bird bath, a miniature fountain, or even in-ground swimming pools – if you have the space and budget for it. These sunken pools can be costly though, so if your pockets are tight, you could go for a more affordable above-ground pool.

These above-ground swimming pools don’t need much floor space. Some are as small as a metre in length, so you can put them into the tiniest of back yards. If you’re not ready to commit, you could just buy a huge inflatable pool and use that to splash about instead. Clear the ground before you fill the pool, otherwise it may get pierced and burst open. That’s never fun.

Many in-ground pool designs include hard-scaping options. Hard-scaping refers to the paving in and around you pool, so you’ll be thinking about the deck or pool-side patio. It could be concrete, natural stone, or tile. Your hard-scaping needs to be low-slip, to prevent accidents. It also needs to resist chlorine, sun, salt, sand, and water, because it’ll be constantly exposed.

Landscaping your yard

Landscaping refers to your grass and plants. They’re important, with or without a pool. If you want near-instant greenery, you could order some turf and lay it in your back yard. It takes a few weeks to implant its roots, giving you a plush soft result with minimal effort. Grass is great for kids and pets, and it can be soothing for the adults as well.

Other landscaping options include vines and creepers coiled around a stainless steel fence. Or you might opt for a live hedge, a vegetable garden, or a flower grotto. Plants purify the air, so you’ll find yourself feeling healthier and more relaxed. They do need maintenance though.

Plant care includes pruning, mulching, weeding, watering. So if you don’t have green thumbs, hire a gardener. You can also put up a canopy. After all, when it’s extra hot or you want to entertain during a (summer) drizzle, shaded areas are key. Canopies don’t have to complicated. You could set up a canvas tent, or install PVC awning.