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Tips on How to Plan a Romantic First Date

Everyone gets a little nervous on their first date with someone.  Women are no different, especially for women looking for older men.  No one should feel as though they are trying to diffuse a bomb while on a date, but that’s what happens when nerves get the best of you and all your preparation gets forgotten.  We want to show you a different way of looking at first dates and how you can be relaxed, but still maintain a romantic atmosphere.  These tips work well for older men looking for younger women, as well, so read along!


Conversation is Key

How many dates do you know that don’t end in disaster when you find out that neither of you have nothing to talk about?  Maybe you both have a lot in common, but if the mood is very tense and awkward, the conversation will never be there.  The reason why this happens so often is because good conversation depends on having a balance of wooing and investigation.

Too much wooing and pick-up routine will result in the date feeling like the other person is trying too hard or is too into themselves.  Both are bad signals to send, unless you’re only looking for a one-night stand.  Instead, you should be trying to strike a balance between compliments and learning shared interests.

Speaking with Body Language

While you’re gabbing away with your date, you might be telling them more than you intended through how you are carrying yourself with your body language.  For example, men who puff themselves up and try to seem dominant can just appear like a jerk or very arrogant.  Younger women dating older men should avoid being too whimsical, shy, or apprehensive.  Don’t sit at a distance that feels too far away, it can be a sign that you are afraid of commitment.  There are some great body language videos and books that you can read to improve your unconscious habits to better reflect your true intentions.

Be Honest and Clear

First dates contain a lot of stumbling and mincing of words out of nervousness, but you should try to keep this at a minimum, especially when it has to do with things that you hold important.  If the date isn’t working out, for whatever reason, there is no shame of telling someone this, rather than stringing them along.  If the date IS working out and you think you would like to do it again, then you should ask them directly.  The art of the chase is all good and well, but all too often the wrong impressions are given or opportunities missed because subtle hints were lost.

Showing Affection

If your partner is giving lots of eye contact, saying lots of compliments, and genuinely engages with you during conversation, don’t wait before making the first move!  Ladies, it is okay to ask for a kiss, why play the waiting game?  Fellas, don’t play with a girl’s emotions either, that tough exterior is falling by the wayside these days, be open and honest from the first date and you will be rewarded by receiving the same in return or you will save yourself time and money spent dancing with the wrong person.