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Tips for Your First Skiing Holiday in France

Are you yet to visit France this winter? You must be ready to dive into the most splendid skiing experience! Understandably, skiing can be an enormous process for all beginner skiers when it’s their first skiing holiday. 

But you must not wrap your head around what to do and what not to, because from the elementary ski terms to the items to be packed in your trolley, here’s everything you must know in case you have never been to the French slopes. Moreover, severe things are needed to figure out how to execute your first-ever ski trip before reaching the slopes. 

It might seem intimidating, but you shouldn’t worry! With these nifty tips, you can make the most of your memories on this first skiing holiday in France. Let’s get started!


  • Never buy, instead, borrow

Don’t be so hard on your wallet; start borrowing skiing essentials instead of buying those. Everybody wants to look good on their traveling days. So, purchasing a knock-out skiing attire might distract you or can make you uncomfortable while skiing and max out your savings. However, the golden rule for all beginners is to borrow as much as possible, such as fleece, gloves, sunglasses, hats, goggles, and ski helmets. But you should carry your thermals and ski socks. 

  • Opt for the best French Ski resort

With a plethora of options to select from, booking a ski resort in France could be mind-boggling when it’s your first time booking it. Are you planning to visit France in the upcoming winter season? Remember to book your exotic skiing holiday in an epic resort like Morzine. 

Morzine ski holidays can leave you feeling an adrenaline rush in an extremely intimate Alpine village setting. 

However, it would be best for novice skiers to search for low-altitude resorts offering gentle slopes. It will aid you in cutting down the cost as you may not want to stay in those ski resorts that offer a slew of run zones and steep slopes. 


  • Traveling to your booked ski resort

You can check in to any French ski resort from Europe and UK. The UK flights mainly land in Lyon and Geneva, the nearest airports to your chosen French ski resort in the Alps. In order to get to your booked ski resort, hire a car, as several transfer organizations will help take you to your accommodation. 

In case you’re tight on budget, choose shuttle car services. They have fixed departure times along with a few stops to drop tourists off. Although a few shuttle services might take you to your resort if their drop-off location is in the vicinity of the resort you have booked. 

  • Invest in adequate ski lessons

Skiing can’t be taught or learned in an hour; instead, it takes sufficient time to become a master in it. However, it might take a lifetime with the guidance of a professional instructor. But taking ski learning tips from anyone might end up doing more damage than good! 

On the other hand, indulging in proper skiing lessons under a veteran and well-trained instructor may lead to dynamic growth in your skiing. 

Purchase suitable travel insurance

While heading to France for a beautiful ski holiday with your family, you must consider enhanced protection for them. Partaking in different snow activities might increase injury chances and mishaps. So, your travel insurance policy must be upgraded, which can cover everything! 

Nobody wants an accident that occurs out of the blue and results in a casualty that can blow their budget out of the water, incur a costly airlift, and land them at the closest hospital. In order to buy suitable travel insurance, you must have a word with the insurance company and gather every minute detail on how to stay covered while skiing on the French slopes with your family.

  • Appear in shape to ski

You must keep yourself in control as a novice skier, as the stopping and turning all need severe muscular input. Therefore, it would always be the right decision to appear in shape, although skiing isn’t participating in a marathon. 

If you’re a fitness freak and hit the gym daily, you will be fine to manage yourself. But when you have never done it at all, you must try making tiny changes to your daily routine to stay active. In a nutshell, you must not stress as skiing is a fun snow activity. 

  • Create a luggage checklist

Summer holiday packing is far easier and less complicated compared to ski holidays. While packing for a ski vacation in France, you must create a detailed checklist beforehand to make sure that you’re getting all the necessary things at the last moment. 

You should pack all the winter essentials to safeguard yourself and your family from the cold. However, you must concen0trate on packing crucial documents, such as passports, and others, despite packing for chilly weather. 


  • Practice on an indoor ski slope beforehand

The more enjoyable your vacation will be, the sooner you can transition from a shaky snowplow to linked, parallel-looking turns. A visit to your nearby indoor natural snow centers before your trip is the best method to accelerate the process. Such centers are gigantic fridges to produce their own snow, and you will also get striking surfaces to make your first turns while skiing. 

Although the slopes will be short, you won’t be allowed to use something more powerful. With practicing, you will gradually get used to the ski boots and become proficient in snowplowing. 

  • Purchasing a ski lift pass

Knowing the proper methods to utilize different amenities will help you get the most out of your first-ever ski vacation to France. Therefore, you should understand how to purchase and utilize a ski lift pass, as these are vital for accessing numerous slopes. While booking a ski resort, you must search for the slopes according to your skiing level and proficiency. 

This would enable you to enjoy yourself more while maintaining your security. Beware of color labeling directly next to the piste to determine how steep the gradient is. It will assist you in protecting yourself and your family prior to skiing down the false slope. 

There are many more tips and tricks when you embark on your first skiing vacation in France. But with these top 9 tips mentioned above, you will get the best experience as a novice skier. You can enjoy the best time on the French slopes with a bit of preparation. However, have you recently been on your first ski holiday? Or, are you an experienced skier? We would love to hear your story and tips as a beginner or experienced skier!