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Tips for Green Cleaning in The Kitchen

Green cleaning is safer for your health and the environment. It is the best way to transform your home into a non-toxic and healthy haven. NW Maids Cleaning Service said , keeping the kitchen green is to keep the environment clean so we can feel better. What’s interesting about green cleaning is that it can be practiced everywhere around your house. Homeowners are encouraged to apply this method of cleaning to help keep the indoor air free of harmful pollutants and make it safe to breathe. The kitchen can be a messy place if not properly kept. More so, cleaning the kitchen floor the green way can be a hassle due to increased risk of germs, bacteria, and foodborne illnesses. Thus, there is a need to clean your kitchen using natural cleaning products or cleaning. Natural or green cleaning products are used as a healthy alternative to chemical products because they are safer. If you’re looking to clean your kitchen the green way, written below are some helpful tips.

Wash out the dirty plates with green dishwashing liquid

I know it’s one of the unpleasant works to do but you have to do it anyway. When we allow used cutlery to stack up, we often don’t know where to start from. We feel overwhelmed and suddenly our energy is drained. Once you finish using a plate, cup, spoon or any other kitchen utensil, be sure to use water and green liquid soap to wash out immediately. For used plates that have stayed too long in the kitchen, hot water, and a mild dishwashing liquid is an ideal solution.

Kitchen windows should be cleaned with green window cleaners

Kitchen cleaning is an important part of home cleaning. You have to clean them inside and outside. The essence of cleaning your kitchen window is to introduce cleaner air and transmit more natural light that will make your home brighter. I have two helpful tips for you: Mix 2 tablespoons borax and 3 cups of water or 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1 cup warm water. Rub dry with newspaper to [avoid streaking] and clean accordingly. Or you can use a window cleaning service in Cincinnati.

Pay attention to the mould and mildew

Musty stains and mildew are commonly found in the kitchen. To eliminate them, use a mixture of baking soda and warm water to remove the content. Once this is complete, you can clean your kitchen wall, door, and cabinet. Save your kitchen floor for last.

Wash the kitchen floor

There’s a reason kitchen floor cleaning is last on the list. It needs time! Take some time to wash the kitchen floor to prevent dirt, mice, and cockroaches from entering your home. Use a long mob with green cleaning products and water to wash the floor. You don’t want to miss any corner. 

Green cleaning your kitchen and home is another way to live a more conscious lifestyle. The good thing about this lifestyle is it is inexpensive to live. If you feel don’t have the time or don’t know what green cleaning products to use, you can hire professional cleaning services to make your job easier and your kitchen cleaner and hygienic.