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Tips For Buying Delta-8

By now you’ve probably heard of delta-8 and how it offers a more functional high for those users who want to still work yet reap the benefits of “weed-lite”. If your like millions of new delta-8 users, then knowing how to buy high-quality, safe delta-8 is important. Here are four steps to make sure you’re getting good quality hemp infused with delta-8.

Know your state’s laws

Delta-8 isn’t legal everywhere because of the legal grey area between hemp and cannabis. While delta-8 derived from hemp does indeed follow the law under the federal Farm Bill of 2018, it has still had a soured reputation among some states lawmakers. In fact, as of 2021, 14 states have passed laws making the sale of delta-8 illegal. Even then, other states have allowed delta-8 to slip through the cracks in the meantime. That’s why it’s important to know your state’s laws and make sure you follow the rules.

Understand what delta-8 is and is not

Delta-8 is an isomer of delta-9 THC (the stuff that makes you high from cannabis). Although isomers aren’t always bad things, it’s still not quite a naturally occurring substance in cannabis or hemp. That means growers need to grow their hemp (in prohibition states) then chemically alter or concentrate/extract compounds to make the delta-8. With that being said, when you buy hemp flower, you’re actually buying hemp flower sprayed or infused with delta-8 oil.

Avoid head shops

Perhaps the most important factor besides knowing your local laws is understanding where to get delta-8 from. If you live in a delta-8 legal state, or a state where the grey areas haven’t been addressed then you probably know that gas stations, head shops, and basically everyone’s dog are selling delta-8. While it’s nice to see so much enthusiasm, it’s important to remember that gas station delta-8 could be anything. Since there’s no traceability, who’s to say if the hemp was even grown well or if the delta-8 was safely sprayed onto the hemp flower among other things. So, it’s best to avoid places that sell gas and cheap pipes.

Buy from the grower online or a licensed dispensary in person

The best place to buy delta-8 flowers, oils, edibles, or concentrates is via “official” channels. The best place will be from the growers themselves or those who have a brand and image. For starters, you get the added benefit that online brands need to keep a good reputation. That means the growers are more likely to adhere to good farming practices, actually post lab results, and make sure the delta-8 is top quality and infused safely.

Not only that but buying directly from the brand or grower generally means better prices and the highest of high quality. Another good option is buying from a licensed dispensary. Since a dispensary needs to follow all laws and regulations, that means you can trust their delta-8 in terms of where it came from, how it was made, and whether it’s effective or not. A licensed dispensary will also be far more knowledgeable about products and what you’re looking for than most other in-person shops.

Know what you want

Even if you’re new to the world of delta-8, try to pinpoint what you’re seeking from it. For example, are you looking for a nice relaxing and sedating compound at the end of a long workday, or are you hoping for something more energizing and invigorating to get you through the day? Or perhaps you’re looking for a good hybrid that mixes mental stimulation with body relaxation like the Biscotti Strain.