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Tips to Encourage Your Child to Write Letters of Appreciation to Friends and Family

It takes a lot to appreciate someone’s effort and acknowledge appreciation for it. A simple appreciation letter teaches your child to be humble and respect the love and efforts of other in life. It is one of the basic magical words that all children need to learn.

A lot of tests have been conducted by the psychologists and many writers and bloggers have claimed the importance of making your child to learn to write appreciation letter. It makes them a better person and more optimistic towards the future. It acts as a stress buster for them and relieves them from the worries.

However the bitter fact of life is that not all kids are happy to take time and sit and write letters of appreciation but a little effort from your side can inculcate these habits in them. If you too are looking for tips to help your children write appreciation letter or Thank you notes. You certainly should read tips from blogs written by gpalabs.com writers.

Here are few tips that can encourage them to write letters of appreciation:

1. Kids learn from parents

Kids are good at aping us so set good examples to copy. If you yourself write letters of appreciation then it will become a lot easier for the kids to accept this habit. They will be encouraged to imbibe this habit from you and will start writing the letters of appreciation.

2. Fill in the blanks

You can write a letter and leave some blanks spaces for the key words that the kids will have to fill in. This will reduce the work on their part so they will do the filling part easily. Once they are comfortable with writing the missed parts gradually increase the blanks and slowly move towards making them to write the complete letter. It is a long process, but gradually the kids will learn to write the complete letter.

3. Get good writing pads for them

Getting good and attractive stationery to write letters of appreciation will help the kids to learn this art of saying thank you. If they get their favorite character letter pad to write on they will be happy to do so and will definitely start writing so that they can use the stationery.

4. Reward them

Rewarding them for writing the letter of appreciation will encourage them to write the letters. This reward system will then gradually become a habit and they will do it willingly. Once the kids will realize that their efforts of writing will not go in vain they will write with enthusiasm these letters of appreciation.

5. Make it fun way

Get their friends to write along with them. When there will be a bunch of kids writing together they will enjoy this task and will not get bored of writing the appreciation letter. They will brainstorm in their own way and get innovative to write the simple letter of appreciation.

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