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Tips and Tricks Dancers Use For Fuel And Recovery

There are many levels of dancers. There are people who take dance as a way to keep in shape, enjoy the moves, and have fun. These dancers are not planning on going pro. Then there is the dancer. This is not what she does, this is what she is.

This dancer spends hours mastering her art. She sees her body as a tool and a vessel. With hard work and dedication, she can perfect her art. You may be in one of these two groups, or you may be somewhere in between. Regardless, this post applies to you.

Food is fuel

Like any “machine” the human body needs the right fuel to operate at full potential. A good dancer learns about the fuel she puts in her body. She needs:

  • High protein diet to allow her muscles to develop and for long-term energy.
  • Carbohydrates are there for fast pick-ups. This is the fuel that brings the energy level up but it dissipates quickly.
  • Healthy fats help the protein and carbohydrates to do their jobs. It stabilizes your metabolism.

We will share with you some tips gathered from dancers around the world, to help you recover, and fuel your body while dancing. What works for someone else may not be your choice, but only by trying will you know.

Before you begin

A dancer uses more muscle in a routine than a football player uses in a game. She must maintain complete muscle control throughout the dance. Just as a football player would not enter the field without his gear, a dancer will not enter the studio without the proper gear. A dancer needs tights, leotards, dance shoes, and other items that are made for dance. They protect tendons, veins, and muscles. They support the body and they allow the body to move freely and safely. If you are overwhelmed with choices or don’t have a local dancewear shop in your hometown, Alexandra Costumes is where to order costumes for dancers.

By eating foods that are good for you and drinking lots of fresh water and wearing the right workout clothes, you are prepared mentally and physically for your dream of dancing.


A well-balanced diet is essential for any dancer. Because the dancer uses a lot of fuel, he or she will need three balanced meals per day as well as two healthy snacks. Carbohydrates convert to fast fuel but be careful not to overdo it, or you will experience an inevitable crash.

Never eat on the run. Your body needs recovery time. When you stop to eat, you need to stop and allow your body to recover as it is refueled. Before you eat, sit quietly and take 5 very deep breaths to get your blood circulation going.

Tips and Hacks

There are a few habits that every great dancer utilizes.

  • They never miss practice
    • There is never a good reason (short of a death in the family or a letter from your doctor) to miss practice.
  • They never dance or practice without their gear. A football player wears his gear on the field and a dancer wears the right gear on the dance floor
  • They develop a thick skin. They have no time for drama. Nothing bothers them. Being critiqued just allows room for growth
  • Do other exercises when they are not dancing
    • This is to keep in shape and to develop supporting muscle tissue

Sleep is the most important part of our healthy lifestyle.  Sleep is the prime time when our bodies repair itself. Certain areas of the brain do not function when you are awake. You may have taught yourself to function on less sleep, but that does not equate to a good thing for your health. In order to perform your best and feel your best, you must sleep.

If you adopt these habits you will soon know if you are someone who dances or if you are a dancer. Either way, you will have fun on the journey.