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How to Throw the Ultimate Birthday Party

The day that your little one looks forward to for the entire year is approaching, and the daunting task of planning a birthday party that will knock their socks off is on your mind. Fear not! Follow these easy steps to ensure that you successfully throw the ultimate birthday party.

1. Get a guest list together and send unique one-of-a-kind homemade invitations.

Decide exactly how many kids you want to invite to the party before telling your child. Be sure to consider your budget! It will be easier to create a list if you first have a number in mind.

For children who are under 5 years old, it will usually work better if you make the guest list. You may decide to make a list of family members, or you may opt for inviting your child’s entire preschool class.

Children who are older than 5 years old will be a great help in this step. They may decide to invite their whole class at school, while others will be able to create a list of their closest friends for you.

Now let’s make this an “Ultimate birthday Party”, by not just making any invitation, but personalized invitations where you write on each one that the guest you are inviting was your first choice for being invited like they were royalty. You do this for all guests. There are many ways to customize your invitations and there are many free resources online to make customized printable invitations for any theme.

Remember to include an RSVP dates as well as start and end times.

2 .Choose an awesome location.

Ask your child what the ultimate birthday party looks like in their mind. Some kids will be sure of exactly what the perfect party looks like, and others prefer to sit back and allow you to plan for them.

Consider your child’s personality. Would they prefer a more action-packed birthday party with sports and arcade games, or would they prefer a more laid-back birthday party with arts and craft projects?

If you have a backyard, you could make it ultimate by staging your yard and decorating it with a fun theme.

Here are some unique ideas to make this “Ultimate birthday Party”. Rent a party bus and drive around and land at your favorite park or restaurant. Have your party at your local mall. Have all the parents meet you at the mall and simply walk around the mall for free. Stop for sweets, pizza then take all to the movies.

3. Decide on a date and time.

Many birthday party venues give party discounts for certain days of the week or hours of the day. Check with your venue what types of discounts you may be able to get.

Will you have the birthday party on the exact date of their birthday, or would it be better to do it a week after? Keep in mind the time of year that their birthday falls in, as people may be traveling around the time of holidays and other events.

It’s better to throw the party in the morning or in the afternoon, as midday may conflict with lunch and naptime.

To make it ultimate, make it a sleepover party!

4. Hire a party entertainer in your area.

The best way to make a birthday party go from great to unforgettable is with a fun and interesting party entertainer. This could mean a silly clown, a talented face painter, or your child’s favorite princess.

Having an entertainer engage with the children, will take a huge burden off the parent’s shoulders.

But to make it the “Ultimate birthday Party”, here are some lees thought of ideas for a birthday party that will be sure to amaze and delight.

Fire Breathers – What kid would not want to see this up close and personal. Just make sure they wear fire retardant clothing. LOL

Dancers – The options are endless here. Depending on the age and the theme of the party, some great ideas could be hula hoop dancers, Hawaiian Dancers, fire dancers, flamenco dancers or even native American dancers

Finding amazing entertainers in your area is easy with the many online resources. Using online resources makes finding the perfect entertainer much easier.

Quality Tip: Begin looking at least a month in advance to ensure that the entertainer you want to hire is not already booked for your party date. If your child wanted an Elmo character and you couldn’t get one because you did not plan well, could be devistating.

5. Prepare the goodies!

If you consider yourself a crafty parent, this part of party planning may just be the most fun for you. Your child may also be excited to help!

Handmake or purchase some invitations to match the theme. Also, be sure to prepare some goodie bags for the children. This is the part that most kids look forward to the most! Try shopping at a dollar store to find cool little trinkets like pencils, plastic jewelry, sticker pads, and more.

The most helpful resource you will have in this step is Pinterest. Browse through their DIY party accessory ideas, and you’re sure to find something that your child and guests will love.

6. Map the party out in advance so that there is no confusion.

Once you have the party plan figured out, create a map or outline for yourself to ensure that everything goes exactly as planned.

Keep track of how many kids are coming and any directions the venue may give you. Double check with the entertainer to make sure they know when to show up. Recount your goodie bags to make sure you have enough for every child, including the birthday star!

With the proper planning and preparation, your child’s next birthday party is sure to be a success. It will be the ultimate birthday party that everyone will talk about for years to come—all thanks to you!

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