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Three Reasons Why You Should Combine Your Breast Augmentation With a Lift

If you have been considering breast augmentation with a lift in Tampa, you may have heard some conflicting information. Some people might tell you that one procedure is better than the other, or that you do not need two procedures on top of one another. But there are actually several reasons why combining the two provides the best results. If you are looking for a way to improve your bust while magnifying your self-confidence, here are four reasons you should consider a breast augmentation with a lift in Tampa.

1. Combining surgeries is more affordable

Depending on where you get your procedures done, you may be paying quite a bit for your two surgeries. Breast augmentations cost, on average, about $3,700, while breast lifts are even more expensive. What is more, because they are considered cosmetic surgeries, breast lifts or augmentations are rarely covered by insurance unless they fall under the category of reconstructive surgery.

Combining the two procedures may cut costs significantly, which for many people is reason enough to have both surgeries down at the same time. This is one reason why you may want to consider combining your breast augmentation with a lift in Tampa.

2. Recovery time may be easier

Everyone knows that recovering from surgery is not easy, and unfortunately, cosmetic surgeries are no exception. It makes sense, then, that most people prefer to recover from one surgery instead of two. Additionally, some doctors think that recovery time is quicker and easier when you have a combination surgery. This is yet another reason why you should consider combining your breast augmentation with a lift in Tampa.

3. You may have less scarring

Surgeries also result in scarring, although a skilled cosmetic surgeon will be able to minimize this as much as possible. However, some scars are unavoidable. But by minimizing the number of cuts you receive, you will also have fewer scars. This is because, in a combination surgery, your cosmetic surgeon does not need to make a new cut to perform a new procedure on the same area.

For many people, scarring can affect their self-esteem and the way they feel about their body. For these people, minimizing the effects of surgery may be a priority.

4. You may get better results

Having just one procedure or the other works well for some people. But for others, it does not quite achieve the look they are hoping for. Breast augmentation improves the volume of breasts by inserting implants. Breast lifts, as the name implies, lift sagging breasts to give them a more youthful appearance. Additionally, combining the surgery may mean that you need less work done. This is because breast augmentations fill out the breasts, making less lifting necessary.

There are many things to think about when considering a breast augmentation with a lift in Tampa. Before you decide on a surgery, speak with your doctor to find out if a combination surgery may be right for you.