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Three-Legged Cat Finally Finds a Forever Home After Wandering The Streets For Years

Ten years ago, Boyd Abbott was having just an ordinary day, when he got a surprised visitor. It was the first time that Boyd and Bubby, the three-legged cat, met, and the rest is history. This wasn’t the first time Bubby visited Boyd’s property, but it was the first time, they came face to face. Poor Bubby has captured Boyd’s heart, even his family felt the connection.

“We all got to know him, we all fell in love with him. My dad just created this super bond with Bubby, and it was really close. It was his little buddy, his company in the evening… they loved each other,” Rhonda said. Bubby became a very valuable source of companionship to Boyd,” says Rhonda Wiseman, Boyd’s daughter.

Unfortunately, Boyd passed away in 2017, and although his family continued to take care of the cat, Bubby’s visits became few and far between. When Bubby stopped visiting them, the family was devastated because they knew how much the cat meant to Boyd. Two years later, “Exploits Valley SPCA” posted a photo of a very unique looking cat on their Facebook page. It was Bubby! As it turns out, Ray, who was Boyd’s former neighbor, has started a search for Bubby. Ray recognized Bubby immediately, so he started his mission to rescue the beloved cat.

One day, Bubby decided to visit Boyd’s old house, and the new resident contacted Ray to tell him that he saw the cat roaming around. Ray rushed straight to the house, picked up Bubby and took him to the vet for a check up.

“Bubby was dehydrated, beat up and all. I’ve seen a lot of cats, hundreds of cats every year, but Bubby, there was just something special about him that I loved,” says  Sarah McLeod, an Exploits Valley SPCA volunteer.

Sarah instantly fell in love with the feline, so she decided to take him home with her. Bubby finally got a warm home and a loving family. He was loved once before, and he is now again.

“He purrs the minute he wakes up in the morning and as he goes to sleep every night. He must know that he’s home now, for good,” says Sarah.

Bubby has lived 2 wonderful years with Sarah until he passed away. He was surrounded with peace and love. Rest in peace beautiful Bubby!