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Thread Your Eyebrows to Perfection Without Tweezers In Just 5 Minutes

Perfect brows need a bit of maintenance. What method do you use to get the perfect shape? Shaving? Tweezing? Waxing?

Most women often use the tweezers when they groom their brow. It’s the safest method, but it can sometimes cause ingrown hairs. Another bad thing about tweezing is that it leaves your pores open to potentially harmful bacteria.

Waxing can burn or peel the top layer of your skin. This can cause the development of wrinkles and premature skin loosening. If you’re looking for a new method that is perfectly safe to use and will give you incredible results, we’re advising you to try threading.

Threading isn’t a new technique. It’s a really old skill that involves using a thread to remove the hairs. Threading is great for both women and men, it’s less messy, faster and chemical free. The process doesn’t cause breakouts or ingrown hair and can even slow down the re-growth of hair. The downside is that you’re going to need a little practice so you can do it yourself.

Here is How to Thread Your Eyebrows

All you need is a piece of thread. You can also numb the area with some ice.


Cut the string and form a loop by tying the ends together. Snip the extra thread beyond the knot. Hold the section of the thread with the knot in one hand. The opposite section should be in your other hand.


Twist the hand without the knot 5,6 times. Hold the other section of the thread tightly. Practice your opening and closing technique by opening one hand and closing the other. That twisted thread in the middle is the one that will remove the hair.


Position your fingers over one brow. Place the triangle of the thread so that the hair is within the thread. Thread against the direction the hair grows.

Close one hand, the one controlling the triangle, as you open the other. Make sure the thread is touching the skin. Make quick motions to pluck the hair.