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Thousands of Believers Shun Watching Football to Attend Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Event

The 14th and 15th of July was a special day for the believers and followers of Pastor, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers LoveWorld (BLW). The special conference held in the SSE Arena in Wembley, London witnessed the attendance of thousands of pastors, partners, and leaders. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who is also the leader of the ministry, organized the special conference in collaboration with the Christ Embassy. The event which took place at 3 pm London time on both days was also hosted by the renowned pastor.

Despite the size of the Wembley stadium, the attendees of the special conference managed to fill every seat of the venue. The guest hailed from many parts of the world, including Africa, Europe and North America. Due to the response of the attendees, the organizers and leadership of BLW Ministry conveyed their gratitude and pleasure to all those who went to the gathering. This was especially due to the fact that during the same weekend, the 2018 World Cup matches were going on but believers and partners chose to attend the event instead of watching the tournament.

Apart from the 14th-15th special conference, the Leaders and Partners of Believers LoveWorld Ministry in London indicated that they had many more programs scheduled to occur within the second half of the year. All the future programs would also be headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. During the special conference, Pastor Oyakhilome pronounced 2012 as “The Year of the Supernatural.” Furthermore, he indicated that the future programs would be very beneficial for the partners, pastors and leaders of BLW Ministry; hence, it would be wise for all of them to attend.

The multitude of BLW Ministry leaders and partners indicated that the organization of the special conference was impressive. Additionally, they indicated that the words of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome were inspiring to all. To express their degree of satisfaction, some of the pastors who attended the conference cited the event as “memorable.” Many attendees also observed that the stadium offered a very dynamic environment which contributed to making the entire event a success throughout their two-day stay.

Prior to and during the conference, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome praised and thanked the partners and leaders of BLW Ministry for attending. He also urged more pastors and leaders and join the Embassy and Ministry, and attend future conferences and other related events. Furthermore, Pastor Oyakhilome called upon those who were not partners to join and become part of the Ministry. The charismatic pastor also noted that the BLW Ministry, and in particular future events, would realize higher and greater levels of success through the power of Jesus Christ.

One of the key things that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated was that he had attended the London special conference to disseminate the word of God to more people. He also stated his hopes that he would be able to elevate all the attendees to “a new pedestal of faith.”

The special conference was a closed-door event. Despite of that, the partners, pastors and leaders of BLW Ministry, coupled with the Christ Embassy and all participants all hailed the event a success. The stakeholders also indicated the organization and success of the event demonstrated the power of the Spirit of God. This was evident through the teachings, prophecies and miracles meant to impact all the attendees, as well as testify to the glorious things that they would all witness in future.

All believers, partners and leaders of BLW Ministry, together with the Christ Embassy members are encouraged to get information and follow all future events through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s official channels at: http://pastorchrisonline.org/