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This Poor Dog Has Been Abandoned By His Family After 17-Years of Companionship

Buggy was just a normal dog living a normal life with his beloved family. But, one day, his family decided to dump him at the high kill shelter, Lancaster Animal Care Center. Words can not express how Buggy felt when his family of 17 years decided to abandon him just because he was getting old. His family even took his collar and his favorite toy, leaving poor Buggy in sadness and grief.

Here’s what the Pertharbor for Buggy reads:

“My name is BUGGY and I’m an approximately 16 years 1 month old male terrier. I am already neutered. I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since May 7, 2018. I am available on May 7, 2018. You can visit me at my temporary home L713..”

A shelter is not a suitable place for a senior dog like Buggy. Buggy was supposed to spend his last years surrounded by family, playing with toys and not sitting alone on a concrete floor and crying.

Please stop throwing away your senior dogs! They’re the family you chose and you must not give up on them just because they’re getting old!