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This Is Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

Escape the secret location in less than 60 minutes, save the world and claim your reward. What’s the prize? The simple fact you escaped from the escape room and beat the clock: proving you’re not just good-looking, but smart.

The Mission

Using your brain and your intuition, you must work with your team to escape from the secret location. Find the keys and solve a series of puzzles, match the clues and manipulate them to your advantage and get out before the alarm goes off – simple!

Take the lead but remember you can’t solve the mystery on your own. Trust your escape room guide and build on your skills. No team player must be left behind! But first, solve this puzzle.

Solve the Puzzle

What is Peace Moor an anagram of?

So, you’ve got what it takes to succeed, and you broke the code, did the impossible. If you enjoy a challenge, then gather the squad and head down to any one of the fully immersive experiences available in the UK and let’s see what you’re made of!

The Details

Escape rooms are leading the way in entertainment; they offer an intelligent solution to your event planning problem. Birthday parties with a difference, and meaningful team-building exercises that produce results, or just a fun day out that the family will always remember.

The escape rooms experience guarantees to get your teen off the sofa – that’s pretty much a given. Even the most inhibited member of your group will get something out of the day, proving that if you give something, you get back in droves, and that’s what The Escape Room does every time.

Locations and Themes

Check out the range of experiences; abandoned buildings turned into laboratories, forgotten victorian tube stations with tunnels under London create an experience like no other or crack a code to save the world.

New experiences are opening all the time if you love a deerstalker and cape and you want to make like Sherlock Holmes; then there’s an escape room for you. Love a battle? Want to take part in a historical reenactment? There’s a room for you.

Escape rooms cover all genres and cater for all tastes, and at different levels of ability, themes run from spies and detectives to magic and zombies.

If you want to be scared out of your wits or be challenged to solve life-changing problems, escape rooms offer you the chance to do it. The creative escape room folk introduce scenarios that in real life, we hope you will never come up against, all in the name of fun.

So just when you think you’ve beaten the clock, you’ve outsmarted the games master and saved the world, they can, and will, up the ante. We hate to tell you this, but only 20% of teams succeed even with the help of your escape room guide.

It’s up to you to change the odds: challenge and be challenged – no more time to waste chatting, see you on the other side team-mate.