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This Dog’s Cry is Going to Break Your Heart: The Dog That Feels Love For The First Time

We’re not sure what type of violence has this dog experienced, but it’s pretty obvious that she is traumatized.The-Dog-That-Feels-Love-For-The-First-Time-1

The young dog Priscilla was abused for a long time. Her first meeting with a human hand that hugs not hits was filmed in Romania. A woman tried to get near Priscilla and Priscilla’s fear was obvious. Priscilla started moaning and crying and tried to hide in the corner of her cage.

The woman didn’t want to give up. She gently and softly caressed Priscilla until she finally gave in. Priscilla experienced a loving touch for the first time in her life!


In the video you can see the dog even going out and playing with other dogs. The video reached more than 2 million views in a couple of days!

Take a look at the heartbreaking video!