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This Cat Loves Sitting on The Table With Her Family For Dinner

Meet Lilou. The curious and mischievous cat was only 8 weeks old when she joined her new family. He even got 2 new siblings, Minou and Pinot. Lilou really loves spending time with his family.

“He loves playing with the other cats, and wants to decide himself when it is time to cuddle. He is very lively and curious. One time I was snoring and he wanted to check where this noise was coming from — so I was woken by a cat putting his snout in my mouth — very hairy,” explains Lilou’s dad.

When his mom bought him a cat tree, he started using the tree to sit at the dinner table with his parents. He’s always so curious, loves to see what’s on and being extra close to food make him really happy too.

Lilou’s parents have started eating dinner on their balcony due to renovation. The cat always follows them as they go outside to dine. As soon as his mom got up from the chair, he rushed to take a seat. Now, every single day, Lilou waits for his mom to stand up to steal her seat at the table. He even tries to eat her food too.

“Chicken and fish is what he likes the most. Out of our three cats, he likes to eat with us the most,” says his mom.

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