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Things You Need to Know About Your Newborn

Having a newborn baby in the home is one of the most amazing experiences of life. If you’re having your first child, there are a lot of things about the newborn kid that might be very surprising to you. The body of a kid undergoes a lot of changes with time and a parent needs to be aware of them so that the unnecessary worries can be prevented. It takes a lot of time to get familiar with the habits of newborns and you won’t have to be this much stressed and worried after a while. Here are a few things you need to know about your newborn baby so that the starting day can become a bit comfortable for you:

  • Their body might be weirdly funny: While you may be habitual of looking at cute pictures of chubby babies on magazine covers and social media pages, the way your newborn looks can turn out to be a lot different from them. They have different height and width on each size. You can also spot weird red-colored spots on the body and a hair covering but you need not worry too much as the skin gets smooth with time.
  • The first poo can be a surprise for you: In the starting days after birth, poo of a newborn can appear to be sticky greenish black. This is due to the presence of meconium which is present in your baby’s intestines during the time of pregnancy. Make sure to gently wipe the bottom with a wet ball of cotton wool to clean it up without getting worried as this is quite natural.
  • Newborns are hungry: The body of a newborn baby requires a lot of nutrients because of the rapid changes that occur inside it. However, DO NOT start to feed anything solid as it can be seriously dangerous to the health of the kid. Take care of breastfeeding at regular time intervals during the day so that all the required energy can be provided in a proper manner.
  • Newborns require a lot of sleep, yet it is not persistent: Studies have shown that the sleep requirement of a newborn baby is far more than that of an adult. However, kids tend to sleep for short durations just to wake up for their nutritional needs. You can observe your newborn baby getting up after every two or three hours during the day as well as night. And maybe sometimes you need to sleep together with your baby. Choosing the correct width and height for your mattress would be very important as well.
  • They have weak eyesight: The eyesight of a newborn baby is limited to a 20 cm to 30 cm range in which they are able to focus properly. It improves significantly with time but until then you’re going to be at the exact distance from them while feeding them.
  • Newborns don’t really require a daily bath: Because of the fact that during the initials days, kids aren’t involved in doing many activities and have an extremely delicate skin, it is not important to do a full body bath every single day. You can choose to gently wipe the body with wet cotton wool and then apply some moisturizing lotion.
  • Newborns are a lot noisy: A newborn kid can’t simply tell you that he’s hungry unless he starts to cry. To convey most of the things, kids choose to cry and it’s normal. You don’t need worry way too much about this part. Apart from this, you can also observe some other weird noises at times like snoring, groaning and even grunting.
  • Their skin might peel away: After coming out of the womb of the mother, the body of a newborn kid takes some time to adjust to the outside environment. In the starting couple of days, you can observe the skin to be flaky and it gets absolutely okay with time.
  • Newborns aren’t regular with poo: While there might be days when you’ll have to clean the potty five times in a single day, there might also be times when your newborn baby skips it for a few days. This doesn’t mean that there’s any sign of constipation or diarrhea as kids are quite irregular with poo. You just need to take care of feeding them properly and change the diaper on a regular basis and rest is all normal.
  • Newborns can identify you with your smell: The sense of smell of a newborn baby is known to be quite stronger than rest of the sensory inputs. This helps them to recognize you by the way you smell and let them connect with you in a more natural way.
  • Their eye color can change with time: It might be a bit surprising to you but the eye color of a kid can change with time according to the presence of the amount of melanin present in their iris.

Conclusion: It can finally be concluded that now you know a lot of things about your newborn baby that you might not have known before.

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