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Things Every Pro Gamer Needs

Becoming a professional gamer has never been easier because there are a lot of games you could try out. The gaming scene is very competitive, but the top players usually play the most popular games like COD, LoL, Dota, CS: GO, Fortnite and others. But, some things can help you reach your goal.

It doesn’t matter which game you choose; most players have similar habits they need to work on. Some of the stuff you might need can be expensive, so you can try your luck with the MLB betting picks or make money from gaming. Either way, details in gaming matter the most, and most players don’t know how valuable a great monitor or headset can be.

High-Resolution Monitor

To become a professional gamer, you must have the right equipment to show your maximum. Most players will tell you that a great mouse for FPS games is crucial, but a great monitor is far more important. People usually buy things that are cheaper but have a decent quality.

To get the best quality, you will need to spend around $400. This also depends on your game type, but the refresh rate should be at least 144 Hz. There are even better options on the market, but you won’t get more out of the game with over 200 Hz.

Mechanical Keyboard

Membrane and Mechanical keyboards are the two main types, and some details can differ between them. You wouldn’t want to get a membrane keyboard because the response rate isn’t the same. Mechanical keyboards are much better, and you can switch the keys based on how hard it is to press them. The price for a great keyboard is around $200.

Streaming Equipment

Most professional gamers will start streaming to earn more money during their career, and even some contracts require them to stream. If you get to the point where the organization requests you to stream, they will probably provide the equipment you need.

But, if you are still working towards it, you will need to get a great audio system, microphone, camera, and cable system to plug everything in. This is the most expensive part of a pro gaming setup besides the PC because great mics can cost up to $500.

Gaming Chair

Most gaming chairs look the same as sitting in a sports car, but that doesn’t mean they will work for you. Even if they look great and are expensive, most people don’t feel great after sitting for a few hours. This is why you can see some gamers using far more comfortable office chairs.

You should always try a chair before buying it to see how comfortable it is. The price doesn’t matter in this case because a great chair can cost from $100 up to $300 depending on the individual. The goal is to have a chair where you can spend a few hours sitting, so do your research before buying.

Personal Trainer

Some gamers spend around 10 hours playing during the season because they need to prepare. This includes playing solo and with the team on the same day.

After doing this every day, your body will be under huge stress, and having a personal trainer is a huge advantage. You need to stay in form, so you won’t have back issues.

Social Media Presence

Teams like when a player has a large following because he can bring the fans to their platform. Social media is the only way nowadays to gain fans, but you will need to invest some time and effort to build it properly.

Posting videos and pictures every day may seem easy, but it’s time-consuming. Some organizations will require you to have a social media presence, so you should start in advance.