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They Thought They Were Saving a Dog But the DNA Test Showed Something Else…

The organization “Hope for Paws” had a mission much different from all others they’ve had before… They were informed that an abandoned dog in terrible condition was roaming around the streets. When they got that info, the volunteer Eldad Hagar called his assistant Lisa Ciareli to help him.


When Eldad saw the dog for the first time, he knew that there was something strange.

“We mainly save dogs, but this time we’ve encountered something different. We didn’t hesitate for a moment, we were ready for action! We rescued her just as she was about to enter in someone’s backyard. We stopped the car and went to get her. Lisa entered the backyard and closed the gate. She has a string tied around her neck, which meant that she was held as a pet and neglected. She had wounds all over her body and some were even infected. She was bleeding. “


Lisa held a treat in her hand and offered to Julia, the abandoned dog. Although she was really hungry, Julia slowly and gently took the treat from Lisa’s hand. After 20 minutes, Julia felt more relaxed and Lisa was able to put the happy leash around her neck.




Eldad and Lisa slowly took Julia out of the backyard and put her in the car. They took her to the vet.



“We immediately ran some tests to see if we were right and it turns out we were. Julia had scabies. Her paws were swollen and her nails were too long. She was only 2-years old and has an amazing soul. When we started bathing her, we noticed how skinny she was. Once she was done with her bath, Julia was so tired that she placed her head on Lisa’s shoulder. Bathing was so stressful for her and she was happy it has finished,” says Eldad.






A few days later, Eldad came back to the shelter to visit Julia and took her for a walk.


“I put her the leash and took her out for fresh air. We spent wonderful time together and we had fun with all those people thinking and saying: ”Look at that fool, sitting with a wolf”. Julia still can’t wave her tail, but she shows gratitude by rubbing her head on my body. She truly is a special girl,” explains Eldad.


Eldad explains that they ran a DNA test on Julia and it was confirmed that she is half wolf-half dog. Once Julia recovers, she will be transferred to the animal stationary where she will spend her time with another 2 happy hybrid wolves.