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These Are the Key Health Principles to Commit to Memory

Information overload can be overwhelming. With so much to remember to do for one’s health, are you worried that you are not getting to some important aspect?

You might be right to be concerned. Daily health-related decisions might not seem to be so important in the here and now, but they do play a huge role in maintaining future health.

Want a simple way to start moving your health in a better direction? Instead of trying to memorize a whole slew of actions, why not commit a few health principles to memory?

Those principles can then govern your decisions and help you stress less about smaller health decisions that come up on a daily basis.

Read on for key principles that will help you stay happy, healthy, and strong.

Accident aftercare is a must

Have a minor slip and fall accident? Or maybe you were involved in a traffic accident? You felt fine afterward, so you skipped the follow up checkup…

Putting accident aftercare on the backburner could lead to health complications. Here is why. According to ChiropractoraAtlanta.com, “You may be tempted put off seeing a car accident injury Chiropractor for therapeutic treatment. Unfortunately, in many cases, whiplash injuries develop into chronic disabilities.”

Keep in mind, this downward cycle is not limited to car accidents. Proper care after any kind of accident can prevent a small issue from turning into a serious complication.

Sleep is more important than you let yourself think

When it comes to faulty decision making, Americans frequently make poor choices when it comes to their sleep.

With so many people in the US getting insufficient sleep, the CDC has categorized sleep deprivation as a public health epidemic.

Sleep and its benefits have been thoroughly studied and the evidence is clear. Your body needs quality sleep for it to operate at its peak.

If you want an evidence-backed action to take today that will work toward a healthier you tomorrow, prioritize sleep. It could be what shields you from a multitude of health issues that you would otherwise be susceptible to.

Your body needs to move

If you look at exercise as only a way to manage your weight, you are missing an essential part of the larger picture. Our bodies were not made to be immobile. For our systems to operate at their peak, they require physical activity, aka exercise. A body that does not get sufficient physical activity is one that develops problems.

The type of exercise is less important than that you move yourself around. So pick a type of exercise that you enjoy and do it. Over-complicating your workout could be what prevents you from making exercise into a habit.

Peel back the complexity and go super simple to start. You can add on all the bells and whistles once you have a firm habit to stand on.

Processed foods are poisonous to your health

Certain foods have a detrimental effect on the body. Eat too much processed and refined foods? On the short term, you will feel lethargic and droopy. On the long term, you will have a hard time managing your weight and keeping your heart healthy.

Boxed foods and pre-packaged meals are often chockful of processed ingredients, too much salt, and sugar. All of which can lead to negative health outcomes.

What you eat is one of the main predictors of your future health. Stick to foods that you know are good for you. Such as vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and seeds. Go small at first, and slowly add to the list as you research each item that you bring into your house.

Strong safeguards manage self-sabotage.

Are you a master at self-control, except when passing by Krispy Kreme? Do you never miss an exercise session, except when you haven’t gotten a full 8 hours of sleep the night before? Do you regularly find yourself going back on health goals because some element of your environment is not perfect?

Self-sabotage is the name for this kind of behavior. And if you found yourself relating to any of the questions posed above, it could be what is keeping you from your health goals. Self-sabotage is dangerous to all aspects of your health because there is no limitation to where it can crop up.

The first step in beating this type of health risk is to figure out where you are most susceptible and then build in strong safeguards in those areas.