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The Youngest Explorer: 1-Year-Old Baby Has Been Traveling the World

Most of the new parents wouldn’t think of selling everything, leaving home and allowing their baby to grow all around the world.

While most struggle to learn how to change a diaper, the 31-year old Karen Edwards and her partner Shaun Bayes from London have a different view of life.

When their daughter Esme was only 10 weeks old, the family decided to explore Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Shaun quit his job, sold his car and spent 10 months travelling around Asia, Australia and New Zealand with Karen and daughter Esme.


Little miss Esme was born in London. Her mother is Irish and her father is from New Zealand.

“She’s born to travel,” says Edwards.


“We’re not sorry that Esme is travelling the world. The only thing we’re sorry about is that she lacked socialization with other kids. The weirdest part was coming back home. Esme hasn’t lived anywhere for longer period of time because we were constantly on the move. It’s difficult now to find things in London that will be interesting for her after seeing all those things around the world,” explains the mother.


“We want to inspire parents who want to travel. Their travelling days aren’t over when the baby comes. Take on new and interesting adventures with your baby and enjoy it!”


The next destination for this travelling trio is Cambodia.

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