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The Xennial Traveler Launches a Program to Help Digital Nomads Build Profitable Businesses

Most of us grew up picturing the American Dream as our end goal in life. We would dream of graduating college and landing a well-paying 9-5 job. Shortly after that, the plan was to buy a house, get married, have kids and send them off to Ivy-league colleges. Once the kids had flown the coop, it would then be time to retire and travel the world on savings accumulated over the years.

When the American Dream fails you

What happens when you land your dream job, and you realise it was too good to be true? Many people find themselves in this situation and promptly look for another job. After hopping from one job to the next for a while, it slowly dawns on you that perhaps the problem isn’t just the job itself. Maybe the problem is that you’d rather build a life doing something you love instead of working yourself to the bone building someone else’s dream. Beyond that, rather than being tethered to a desk, you want the freedom to travel the world and see what it has to offer. Every time someone new comes to this realisation, a new digital nomad entrepreneur is born.

Quitting your full-time job so that you can invest more time and energy in your business is a logical decision to make. After all, after dedicating 12 hours to building someone else’s dream every day, you barely have any time or energy left for your dream. As much as leaving your job to find something more fulfilling is natural, it’s also a terrifying experience for many people. In fact, many people put this decision off merely because of the fear of the unknown.

The appeal of a digital nomad lifestyle

Lori Konkler knows what it feels like to be at this crossroads. Do you quit your stable 9-5 job to pursue your dreams and risk failing? Or do you stick with your job, despite the nagging feeling of unfulfillment always hanging over your head like a dark cloud? In 2016, Lori got back from a month-long vacation and landed smack in the middle of yet another biting Wisconsin winter. All of a sudden, she realised she couldn’t keep living life this way. She didn’t want to keep working for someone else, and she didn’t want to be restricted to Wisconsin, brutal winters and all. When this realization hit home, she had to make a difficult decision.

Like many people, Lori had originally expected to fall neatly into the American Dream. She had imagined 2 cars, a house, 5 children and a successful career under her belt. The whole package! Minus the children, this is exactly what she did for many years.

Lori had the same “get up and go to work” routine for many years as the director of sales and marketing for a high-end hotel. Each day, she and her husband arrived home feeling exhausted and unfulfilled.

At the point when Lori was beginning to question her life, things seemed perfect from the outside. After all, she had made it – she had achieved the American Dream. She was an executive in a field she loved – hospitality and tourism. However, inwardly she was battling with the feeling that she could be doing something more meaningful with her life. “I had a great boss and a stellar team, but I wasn’t challenged by my work,” she says. “I didn’t have the freedom I wanted to travel or work from home, and it just didn’t seem worth it anymore. I kept watching shows like Househunters International and Caribbean Life where I would see these people living out their dreams. I kept thinking…if they can do it, why can’t I?”

Lori had always loved to travel. Nevertheless, ironically enough, her job in hospitality and tourism didn’t allow her enough vacation time to travel as much as she wanted. She also felt driven to start a business of her own, but she couldn’t do that while still stuck in a demanding job. So, she quit her job and embarked on the unpredictable journey of a digital nomad entrepreneur.

Shortly after she left her job, she launched her coaching business, The Xennial Traveler, to help other remote entrepreneurs who were tired of the 9-5 grind. The services Lori offers at The Xennial Traveler are designed to equip these entrepreneurs with the resources required to turn their businesses into scalable, profit-making ventures.

Why The Xennial Traveler?

As a digital nomad, it’s important to seek out people who can help you along your journey. Ultimately, if you go it alone, you’re bound to get overwhelmed and abandon your dreams before you’ve even started out. On the other hand, partnering with a mentor or coach and joining a network of other digital nomads will be worthwhile in the end. Lori is living proof of this. “9 times out of 10, you will make back your investment even before your time working with a coach is up,” she says. “I did this when I hired my own coach, and many of my clients also do! Getting help saved me so much time and money in the long run, and I 100% credit my business coach with changing my life. Yes, I did the work, but without her, I would still be spinning my wheels.”

Not only does Lori know what it takes to be a digital nomad, she has experience building a profitable business that can support her lifestyle.

If you’re looking for someone who’s been there and done that, then Lori is exactly who you need to turn to. In addition to her experience as a digital nomad who’s built a scalable business of her own, you can benefit from her network of digital nomads who are on similar journeys. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Lori also offers group coaching programs – each program is designed to help entrepreneurs meet a specific goal. She’s currently launching a Remote Business Accelerator program, which is designed to help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses which they can work from anywhere.

How The Xennial Traveler’s Remote Business Accelerator Program works

The program is structured to help service-based entrepreneurs such as coaches and consultants to understand the needs of their business. Additionally, Lori teaches entrepreneurs how to turn their audiences into high-ticket clients who pay enough to support their remote lifestyles.

Lori and her team also help develop sales and marketing strategies that elevate your business and set you up to earn a six-figure salary. During this coaching journey, you will achieve a clear sense of freedom, purpose, and direction. Freedom sessions provide a good combination of strategy, free-flow conversation, and introspective reflection with guidance. Purpose sessions are set up to help you go deep and look into who you are and what you want. They are designed to raise awareness of what is desirable and achievable. The coaching team also guides you through how to find your ideal audience as well as how to connect with them.

The program is focused on helping people build their businesses strategically and profitably. Whether that means working from home or working as you travel, The Xennial Traveler will help you live life in your happy place. Coaching sessions take serious dedication, but they are worth the money and time investment in the end. Each program lasts 10 weeks and is designed for people who want to turn their dreams into a reality and will put in the work.

Lori managed to turn her dream into a reality. She loves what she does at The Xennial Traveler. More importantly, she loves the fact that she doesn’t need to wait until she retires before she can travel the world. In her time as a digital nomad, she’s visited the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Fiji, Puerto Rico, Mexico and several states in the US (including Arizona, California, New Mexico and Florida). With her Remote Accelerator group coaching and mastermind program, you too can life in your happy place and build a scalable business.

To book a slot in the Remote Business Accelerator program or sign up for a one-on-one coaching session, you can book a free clarity call. This call gives you the opportunity for a 10-minute session with Lori, dedicated to discussing how you can achieve true business freedom. If you’re interested in booking a clarity call, click here. Additionally, you can fill out a form to request one-on-one help developing the skills you need to sustain a profitable online-based business from anywhere in the world.

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