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The Whole Truth Behind The Plastic Beauty Of The Kpop Industry

South Koreans are obsessed with beauty and look. Over the years, the world has witnessed their craze for perfection and constant validation of beauty even more than skills. The hub of fashion, music, culture, South Korea has become a trendsetter even for the plastic surgery department. The cosmetic surgery industry is worth a wholesome amount of about 5 billion dollars.

Your one look after you land at the Seoul airport will justify the unofficial name given to the South Korean capital, i.e., The plastic surgery capital of the world. With the exquisite quality of technological equipment, surgeons it isn’t shocking that it attracted a massive amount of 189 million dollars from foreign patients in 2018.


Besides K-Drama, South Korea has been immortalized before the whole world because of its KPOP industry. There revolves an enormous amount of controversy and speculation around the truth of KPOP Plastic surgery.  A country where even high school graduates get cosmetic procedures undergone as a present normalizes the conservativeness encompassing plastic surgeries.

So, what are the popular surgeries that your favorite KPOP Stars have chosen?


Also known widely as a nose job, it is a common KPOP plastic surgery procedure chosen. Koreans inherit a genetically petite nose. So, many choose to transform them into a high shaped angular nose. Some popular KPOP stars rumored to have undergone rhinoplasty include Lisa from BLACKPINK and Jimin from BTS.


Facial contouring or the restructuring of the jawline is a very popular surgery that South Koreans opt for. The Koreans have their beauty standards and over time they have slammed strong jawlines and high protruding cheekbones for slim V-shaped jawline and flat cheekbones. Park Bom from 2NE1 is one such esteemed personality from the KPOP industry who has had jaw reshaping done.


It is probably the most common type of plastic surgery that Koreans choose. Southeast Asians traditionally inherit eyes without the natural crease on the upper eyelid. However, the double eyelid makes the eyes look extremely attractive and also larger in size. So, the KPOP plastic surgery list has double eyelid surgery on its top. Jennie from BLACKPINK, an immensely popular girl band, is said to have used multiple eye enhancement procedures including double eyelid surgery.

Some other immensely popular surgeries include skin whitening procedures. It is a popular belief that Koreans have an infatuation for white skin and many use this surgery to get rid of dark pigmentation and for a better skin glow. Anti-aging treatments, breast augmentation, body contouring, chin and forehead augmentation, teeth capping, hair transplantations are some widely performed KPOP plastic surgery known.

Usually, even the thought of undergoing surgery might seem like an extremely expensive dream. But South Korea has made a change. Now it is possible to reconstruct your body and face without digging a hole into your pocket. Desiring to look perfect is not a crime, the ultimate priority should be self-satisfaction. The 21st-century progressive world has started to become more accepting of this belief.