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The Ultimate Truth for Shredded Abs

Girls, let me tell you a secret! – You already have your packs!

Let me tell you another one – These are MOST OF ALL uncovered in the kitchen.

Cardio overloads, not even 1000 crunches just won’t do it!

In order to be able to uncover your abdos and get them shredded, please listen carefully – Nutrition is the key!

We all have those muscles; it is just our layer of fat we have to get to the minimum over our abs. Sounds logic right?

Now, how is that done? Calorie deficit!

Be highly cautious when it comes to this one though! The caloric deficit should be achieved in the most balanced way possible, that is to say, do not do the mistake to cut all the carbs out of your daily food regimen. Why? Because we want our abs muscles nicely shaped, round and toned, and speaking of that, it is glycogen (the energy storage inserted by carbs in the muscles) that makes our muscles pop up on the surface.

Now that we are aware of the basic facts, here are some tips I would give you in direction to getting your abs shredded:

1. Portion control

It is not the number of meals in a day that has to do with fastening your metabolism, but the smaller portions which prevent us from overeating and binging later in the day. Balanced portions ensure stable blood-sugar levels, efficient nutrient usage, which furthermore helps in controlling hunger-induced cravings for sweets and fats.

2. Increase your protein intake

A common rule for women is to ingest between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein per pound of lean mass. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, and the more muscles we have, the faster we burn fat

3. Make a mixture of different abs exercises

Surprise your abs and get your body out of the comfort zone – the belly fat would hate it. Keep your focus on the tension of the exercise, not on its speed.

4. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water

The more water we drink, the thinner the skin becomes that covers the abs.

5. Burn it with cardio

Yes, cardio can be pain in the ass sometimes, but combined with the calorie deficit from our daily food regimen, it contributes towards using our stored fat for energy, and therefore – losing the excess fat.

6. Finish light

Have in mind that your last meals of the day should emphasize protein, rather than slow-burning carbs or fats, in order to keep lean mass and burn fat simultaneously.

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