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The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

You have found your true love – you are certain she is the one and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. You have approached her father and he has given you the all-clear – you have the green light and the time is right to pop the question… there is just one small diamond-like problem – you need to buy an engagement ring!

Buying an engagement ring is part of the process that is often overlooked but it is hugely important – you must buy a magnificent ring that matches the grandeur of this occasion. If you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, we have formulated the ultimate guide to buying an engagement ring – read on for the solution to your problem!

Step 1 – Set a budget

Money should be no object surely when it comes to an engagement ring you say? Unfortunately, this is not true – we live in a world of limits and financial constraints and the most important thing to remember is to purchase a ring you can afford. Don’t get in debt just for a ring – don’t be cheap either – be reasonable, consider your finances and set a price range before you enter a jeweler.

Having a fixed price range in mind beforehand will greatly speed up the process – the jeweler will be able to tailor their service to your price range, and you won’t waste time looking at rings you simply cannot afford.

Step 2 – Consider the occasion & surprise

Although it is common for a couple to simply purchase an engagement ring together, it is much more exciting and rewarding to make the whole occasion a surprise. Consider putting in a little extra effort to pick out the ring yourself and create a once in a lifetime surprise for your partner. Just think how amazed and happy they will feel when they know that you have taken the time to find their ring size and style, and hand-pick an engagement ring? Making the engagement a surprise is undoubtedly harder worker, but your loved one is worth it, and the end results will be that much more satisfying!

Step 3 – Investigate her size & style

This is one of the most tricky parts and often when a man falls short. If you take one thing from this article ensure it is this next statement – don’t purchase a ring without knowing your partner’s ring size! If you simply guess your partner’s ring size you are opening yourself up to a world of unnecessary pain and misery! To find out your partner’s ring size, simply “borrow” one of her rings and take it to a jeweler such as Brilliant Earth – they will then tell you the size. Ensure she doesn’t notice her missing ring, ad if she does, claim ignorance!

Once you have found the ring size, you must muster your skills of judgment to formulate the ring style. This is where you really find out how much you know about your partner! Look at the other types of jewelry she wears and take note of the style, material type, and other things such as gemstones or common themes. You could also throw in a few leading questions if you are out shopping – try not to be obvious, however! Do what you can to find out her style and take notes for the jewelers!

Step 4 – Chose the band, style, and diamond

You may think that the hard work is over now that you have found your partner’s ring size and style and formulated your plan for the surprise – sadly it’s not – just a little more work and you are at the finish line. You must now actually choose the engagement ring including the band material, diamond, and style. The following are some of the main considerations you must make when selecting the actual ring:

Material band

The band itself can be made from a range of precious metals including yellow gold, platinum, silver, and white gold. When choosing a band, consider the notes you have made – what material does she prefer? Does she wear predominantly white gold jewelry? Does she have a mixture? Use your judgment and also ask the advice of a professional jeweler like Brilliant Earth.

The Diamond

We are working on the premise that you are purchasing a diamond ring – after all, what engagement ring would be complete without one? When selecting a diamond, you must actually give consideration to the color, cut, clarity and carat. As with the band, look through your notes, check her preferences, and even look at any other diamond jewelry she has – you could even take pictures with your smartphone to show the jeweler.


When we talk about “setting” we mean the way in which the diamond is fixed into the band. There are a number of different settings and this again largely comes down to personal preference. The main forms of setting are Tiffany, Eternity, Bezel, Channel and Pave – each setting presents a different style of ring. Use your judgment and consider your research and choose a setting you think she will fall in love with.

Step 5 – Seal the deal and make a grand gesture

By now, you should have selected the perfect engagement ring for your would-be spouse. If you have followed this step by step guide and done your research, you should have chosen a ring that she will immediately treasure. You can now seal the deal, make the purchase, and take away the perfect engagement ring. If you have failed horribly (you definitely won’t fail), and she hates the ring, don’t worry – you can always take it back and let her choose one she likes (within your budget of course!).

Now all that remains is to build up your courage and make the proposal. As mentioned above, if you want to do it right, be sure to make a grand gesture and propose in a way that your partner will remember forever. This is a rare opportunity to do something truly memorable and fantastic so why not go all out and make your proposal epic?

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