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The Turkish Business Women Association (TIKAD) Organized a Women’s Leadership Event Known as “Women Leading the World”

On 20th September 2023, The event was held in New York during the UN General Assembly. Women leaders across the globe were present at this event to celebrate the achievements of businesswomen from Turkey and across the globe. Mrs. Emine Erdogan, First Lady of the Republic of Turkey was the chief guest at the event.

Mrs. Nilufer Bulut, President of TIKAD gave the welcome address. She shared how TIKAD felt that they should take the responsibility of organizing an event that brought together women leaders with the spirit of hope and solidarity. This time around universal languages of art and music were chosen to put forth women’s demand for peace and equality to the world leaders who were present during the 78th United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

The song “Women Take the Lead” was composed by a famous Turkish singer for TIKAD, especially for this event. It was sung for the first time during the event. Through this event, TIKAD amused to target concerns which are prevalent across the globe by using the common core values that are shared by humanity across the globe. For that, the problem needs to be faced head-on. In recent years, there has been an increase in the suffering caused by war, pandemics, epidemics, natural disasters and economic crises. Women and children have been heavily impacted by them. TIKAD highlights the essential role played by women in bringing peace and prosperity. Women inherently can be empathetic and kind.

Turkey’s First Lady, Emine Erdogan, gave the keynote address at the event held at the Rockefeller Centre. She threw light on the struggles of women across history. During her address, she emphasized how important it is to talk about women leaders so that the youth can have valuable role models to look up to. Women have played a central role in civilization and development. They have not been mere helpers but active contributors to history. Women should no longer be deprived of their rights. Meaning that women should be looked at as active contributors to the society.

During the address, she shared her hopes that the achievements of women should be inspirational to all women across the globe. These success stories should be remembered and cherished as they have lessons to offer to us, ranging from the first right to vote to female prime ministers. Turkey should take confident steps towards the idea of the Turkiye Century by drawing strength from the ancient nation and state traditions.

TIKAD was established in 2004 to contribute to the social and economic development of Turkey. It strived to bring forth Turkey’s modern face to the world by providing a platform to the leading women across all fields. It aimed to strengthen women’s presence in the business world. This would allow women to influence government opinions and policies. By doing so, they would be taking an active part in the democratization process in Turkey. TIKAD brings together businesswomen and working women.

Women have an inherent power to be compassionate and helpful. TIKAD creates a space where women can reach out to each other. Women give birth and raise the leaders of the past, present and future. Their compassion and vision can help to make this world a better place. TIKAD is taking the initiative of taking the leap forward and helping to build a world where equality and peace prevail.