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The Top 4 Reasons Why Attending Sixth Form Is A Fabulous And Fruitful Plan For Your Future

When researching your options on what to do and where to complete high school, it can be tempting to envision a life working and making money with no obligation to attend classes, lessons or lectures.

However, what you need to know is simple; sixth form is one of the most fabulous, fruitful and altogether enjoyable decisions you can make to best prepare you for your future and help you decide what career avenue you would like to pursue.

Here, for your reading pleasure and of course information, are the top four reasons why attending sixth form is a fabulous and fruitful plan for your future.

1.    You Can Choose To Study Abroad

Not only do you have the opportunity to further your education and knowledge in the specific subjects that most interest you, there is a plethora of accredited, established and respected international schools that offer sixth form education abroad.

2.    You Will Cultivate Life-Long Friendships

Unlike at school, at sixth form the classes are significantly smaller, so the bonds and connections you form with your fellow students are deeper, more intense and meaningful. Studies have repeatedly shown that the friendships you makes in sixth form college are likely to be long lasting and will follow you right through into adulthood and beyond.

3.    You Will Learn How To Live Independently

Another fantastic benefit of choosing to attend sixth form college is the opportunity it affords you to learn how to live independently, but still with the fundamental backing of the staff and the institution itself.

Whether or not you are given an allowance, have money saved or indeed are awarded a scholarship or student loan to study, attending Rugby School Thailand means you are in charge of looking after yourself and all financial and emotional challenges that come along with that; not to mention being able to cook, so you don’t spend the entirety of the two years living on takeaways.

4.    You Will Increase Your Potential Earning Possibilities

Undeniably, it will not surprise you to read that those with a sixth form education are far more likely to be viewed as a more committed, employable and altogether a better option when companies are faced with a large pool of possible candidates.

Admittedly, somewhat less applicable to more practical and manual career paths, if your intention is to pursue a career in the arts, academia and more administration and research-based industries, then a sixth form education will considerably increase your earning potential. Additionally, the pursuit of a sixth form education will either cement your interest in each of your chosen subjects or encourage you to seek other pathways to your chosen industry.

A sixth form education is one of the most effective helping hands you can give yourself to set you on a path of excitement and opportunity and to set you up for the future. Your future self will thank you for it.