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The Top 3 Shops If You’re Looking for a Custom Furniture Builder

There’s just something really special about custom furniture.

It mirrors the owner’s personality, taste, and preferences.

It can be as simple as a minimalistic piece, or as intricate and detail-oriented as a maximalist style.

In the end, it’s you.

And that makes it extra precious.

They say what and which furniture you use to decorate your space says a lot about yourself. Now, imagine doing that with a custom-built piece.

The exclusivity, the thought that this piece of furniture can only belong to you and is a product of your imagination turned into reality– it’s one delightful experience.

But of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the help and skills of a custom furniture builder. This list will give you an insight into the best custom furniture shops in the States.

Clad Home

One thing about Clad Home is that it boasts local craftsmanship.

All their pieces are locally made in Los Angeles and according to them– they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Clad Home is huge on customization and this is one of their best selling points.

We all know custom-built furniture can be pretty heavy on the pocket, but Clad Home is all about providing custom-made high-quality furniture with the widest range of options while keeping the prices reasonable.

Their attention to detail is beyond amazing. Just look at their catalog and you’ll understand what we mean.

Thinking of ordering a custom sofa fit for your home? The ordering process is simple.

The first thing you need to do is choose a general style for the sofa. It can be big and chunky, or small and slender. Think about the space you’re going to have it on. With Clad Homes’ wide range of options, you will surely get the best for yourself.

They also don’t lack support in the design area. If you’re aiming for a fully-customized piece, then a dedicated furniture designer will be provided to you. This is also the step where you will choose your fabric.

Custom, bespoke furniture at an affordable price? Yes, please.

Keefrider Custom Furniture

In a meeting of traditional hand tools and modern precision techniques, labored with their skills and creativity, Keefrider Custom Furniture pieces are born.

They don’t believe in style restriction, rather, their collaborative power allows them to build custom furniture designed to be a mainstay for generations.

Up for a harmony of different elements? They can definitely serve.

If you’re interested in having them build a custom piece for you, they conduct design consultations at your most convenient time. Their workshop in Santa Barbara, California is also available for in-person meetings, so best to schedule an appointment with them.

Nella Vetrina

The Nella Vetrina shop is located in New York.

They manufacture Italian pieces– both classic and modern styles.

With the touch of world-renowned Italian designers, you can never go wrong with having them create a piece of custom furniture for you.

You can also expect to see Venetian and Murano chandeliers, making this a very international experience for you.

In Nella Vetrina, you can request custom furniture such as sofas, lounge chairs, ottomans, and dining sets. The best part? You can also have a custom-made light fixture to go perfectly with your ensemble.


It’s important to know your preferences when having custom furniture done for you. It would help tremendously in capturing the character of the furniture. Don’t hold back on the details. Remember, no detail is small enough when it comes to customization.

Finding the best custom furniture builder for you is the most crucial step in getting your dream furniture.