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The Story Behind the Photo That Went Viral Will Break Your Heart

The photo of a small girl with her hands raised up in the air really went viral. Although it looks like a simple photo of a frightened, little girl, the story behind it speaks loudly about the consequences from the war and the emotional state of small kids found in the midst of that war.


The 4 year old girl raised her hands like she was surrendering because she taught the camera was a weapon. The fear in those tiny eyes will simply break your heart.

The sad photo touched lots of hearts and millions of people shared the photo on social media.
BBC explained that the girls name is Hudea and the photo was shot by Turkish photographer Osman Sagirli in a fugitive camp in Syria.

“I used a teleobjective lens and she taught it was a weapon. I figured out that she was petrified once I took the photo and saw it, because she was biting her lips and raising her hand”,- says Sagirli for BBC.