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The Silk Dresses Your Closet Needs

The fashion world has so many different types of dresses: denim dresses, t-shirt dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses, and so on. The list could go on for eternity, but there is something special about a silk dress. Silk dresses are easy to style yet classy and timeless. They’re extremely flattering and come in so many cuts and colors. With the variety of silk dresses available, how are we supposed to know which ones are the best?

In this article, we’re here to show you all the sustainable silk dresses your closet needs, because it’s not just a one-style-fits-all. You need a silk dress to wear as a wedding guest, but you’ll need a different one to wear with your favorite pair of sneakers. Keep reading to see what our favorite sustainable closet necessities are for silk dresses.

Daytona Silk Dress

The Daytona Silk Dress is a necessity for every closet. It is the perfect mix of style and simplicity. This dress is a midi-length silk dress with a deep V-neckline. There is slight ruching in the bust for a fancy, chic look that adds so much character. Daytona comes in three solid colors; Artichoke, Cafe, and Horizon; and two bold floral patterns; Carmela and Electra. The shape of this dress is great for layering because it’s loose enough for layers to easily fit underneath. The Daytona Silk Dress is a must-have, especially for the summer.

Sorrentine Silk Dress

The Sorrentine Silk Dress is a mini dress that will make everyone’s jaw drop. This dress boasts a sleeveless cut with an adjustable halter neckline. There is a subtle cutout in the center of the bust, right in the middle of some ruching detail. This dress is fitted throughout, and the silk material is exceptionally flattering. Sorrentine comes in the color Artichoke and the pattern L’Isola Di Capri, a unique blue and gold handkerchief-like design. The Sorrentine Silk Dress is the fun dress that everyone needs to have in their closet.

Veria Silk Dress

If you don’t have a Veria Silk Dress in your closet, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect silk dress for all your formal occasions: weddings, banquets, auctions, and many more. The Veria Silk Dress goes all the way down the floor and all the way up to your neck. The neckline is an adjustable halter neckline with a tie at the back of the neck, so you can adjust the neckline to your ideal height and comfort. Veria comes in Lucca, a stunning white and blue hand-painted floral pattern; Tarragon, a light teal color with bold white florals and greenery; Orchids, a black background with white flowers of the same name; and Ivory, the perfect off-white color. This dress emanates sophistication and classiness, so make sure to get one to feel the same way.

Genesis Silk Dress

The Genesis Silk Dress is the epitome of romance and simple beauty. This off-the-shoulder midi silk dress can easily be dressed up or down. Pair with some sneakers for a chic casual look, or put on some pumps for a night out on the town. The Genesis Silk Dress has a flattering sweetheart neckline that looks flattering on every body type. The back of this dress is smocked, allowing for a little extra room to stretch if necessary, making the dress so much more comfortable for all-day wear. The top of this dress is fitted while the bottom consists of a flowing wrap skirt with a slit to show off the leg. Genesis comes in two solid colors, Cherry and Ivory, and two patterns, Lei and Willow. Once you try on this silk dress for the first time, you’ll never look back.

Alaine Silk Dress

We haven’t gotten enough of the Alaine Silk Dress yet, and we never will. Sexy and sophisticated, Alaine is perfect for so many occasions, from office parties to photoshoots and everything in between. The collar, cut, and long sleeves of this dress make it feel almost professional, but the deep neckline and short hem transform the dress into a wardrobe staple that will make everyone’s head turn. Buttons go down the entire front of the dress and down into the wrap skirt. Alaine is fitted at the waist to flatter your figure. This dress comes in three gorgeous colors: Avocado, a warm-toned green shade; Ivory, a stunning off-white; and Black, a deep midnight tone that makes the silk look like it’s shining. You’ll feel like your most confident self wearing this silk dress.

The options for silk dresses are endless, but thankfully we’ve boiled it down to a few of the most iconic closet staples. Daytona, Sorrentine, Veria, Genesis, and Alaine are the must-haves when it comes to silk dresses. Your wardrobe will get a huge upgrade, and you’ll have the perfect dress for every outing. We hope this article has helped you appreciate the power of a silk dress as much as we do.