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The Silent Killer Found in Your Kitchen That’s Worse Than Alcohol and Drugs

Thomas Fricke, the founder and president of Forest Trade-organic spices in America, recently gave this shocking statement:

“Almost every spice that can be found in the markets and in your kitchen contains dangerous chemicals that are forbidden, but nobody wants to talk about that.”


How Is This possible?

The whole process occurs during the processing, storing and distribution of the product. Spice manufacturers try to get as much tasty ingredients as possible, therefore they sterilize the ingredients and they often use ethylene oxide during the process.

Ethylene oxide is a really dangerous chemical. Too much exposure to this chemical has caused cancer and other genetic mutations in lab rats. Even a small amount of exposure is dangerous and it can cause skin irritation, brain and nerve damage, depression and many other diseases.
Spices most often get contaminated by insects, rodent hair or other dangerous chemicals. Sometimes spices can get contaminated from rodent feces, which can be hazardous for our health.
Unfortunately, this information is considered to be limited due to lack of studies. Many people take these studies for granted and no one has tried to research this thoroughly, although we use our spices on a daily basis.

What Can You Do?

Buy organic spices!

Organic spices don’t contain any artificial or synthetic compounds, added colors, flavors and many other things that are usually found in ordinary spices. Organic spices are safe to use because they don’t contain genetically modified ingredients.

So if you want to be healthy-buy organic spices or make your own spices at home!

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