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The Secret Ways Your Web Design’s Color Impacts Your SEO!

The world that we used to know is no more. In less than two decades everything has changed. A few words got created and it changed everything, from how we eat to how we speak. These few words are Internet, SEO, and Web Design. Although many do know what they are, most are unknown to how they are interrelated and impact each other. For over two decades the stress was being laid upon SEO, but now Web Design has elbowed its way in. To fill the space many great web design company in Sydney, Australia have come up. This has elated the overall quality of the internet. But many do still look at web design with a raised eyebrow.

How exactly does the color of web design impact SEO and business growth?

Impact of web design’s color on SEO!

Web Design, in simple terms, is the overall interface that helps users interact with the content on the internet. It includes many things from color to space, line, smoothness, delay, coding, action, responsiveness, etc. Earlier, when the internet was new, the focus was to bring people to the internet. Furthermore, coding back then was a novelty. This is the reason that old websites used to have a simple HTML design. But now, things have changed. The machines have grown immensely and can process a million times more data in seconds.

For this very reason, Google has recently announced that web design will be impacting SEO directly. The poor the web design, the lower the ranking. The shift is now on bringing quality over the internet. It comes in the form of Core Web Vitals, which are –

  • CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift – adaptability and responsiveness.
  • FID – First Input Delay – responsiveness of action buttons.
  • LCP – largest Contentful Paint – Website loading speed

All these things are the forte of web designers. You must hire the best web design company in Sydney, Australia, to help your business grow. But where does color stand in the play? How does the color of web design impact the SEO dreams?

1 – Poor color scheme leads to higher bounce rate!

Will you be spending time on a website that has a poor color scheme? You might want to read the content as fast as possible and then exit. A web design with poor color leads to people exiting quickly. This further leads to a higher bounce rate. Google takes Bounce Rate in question while deciding a website’s ranking.

2 – Bad color combination makes the text harder to read!

Sometimes we choose colors naively. Without having adequate knowledge of how colors impact us psychologically, we choose them. We perceive colors in our brains. There are colors that create contrast and are easily distinguishable from each other, for example blue and red. Similarly, there are colors that sit next to each other in the color wheel, for example green and yellow. When it comes to text, a good contrast is often preferred. Furthermore, these colors must be in harmony with other colors on the web page. Any good web design company takes care of it. When the text is harder to read, the screen time decreases. Search engines take this User Signal to decide the website ranking. A website with good color scheme will always be ranked higher on SERP.

3 – Good color scheme leads to user retention!

It is evolutionary psychology that we humans tend to return to the thing that is comforting to the senses. When you find a website that has soothing colors, your mind registers it as a wonderful experience and creates a long-term memory. When the next time you think about searching for something, your brain throws the same name into the consciousness and you visit that wonderful website again.

This leads to a higher User retention. This User Signal is directly favorable to website ranking. Google understands this as a good sign and that the website is genuine.

Apart from these, the color of web design is used to manipulate the search engines too. Google has strict guidelines against what colors to use and how to use. A failure to conform these same leads to websites getting penalized and banned from index at last.

Web Design has become a vital organ of the modern day internet. It is like the personality of a person you meet. If it is bad, the user experience is bad and the world suffers. This is hiring a good web design agency has become a requirement. Check out

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