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The Remedy That Will Help You With PMS Symptoms

Every month, women feel the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS: sensitivity, tiredness and nervousness. During these PMS days many women have enormous need to food and this that can last for days. Some women can even suffer from terrible headaches.


Can This be Stopped?

Laura Briden has been solving women’s problems for 20 years and she claims that she has found the solution for PMS.

Instead of prescribing medicines to women who are struggling with PMS, she decided to turn to alternative medicine.

She advised her patients to consume more magnesium and vitamin B6, instead of eating sweets and fried food. After only 1 month the patients felt the improvement and their period came without the symptoms.

The diet doctor Laura recommends is based on healthy ingredients and she strongly advises you to avoid foods that cause inflammations such as fried food, sweets and soda. Dairy products can also cause inflammations. The doctor advises a diet rich in magnesium, vitamin B, fruits, veggies and dark chocolate.