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The Realities of Being a Nurse Practitioner

Having a career as a nurse practitioner is anything but easy. From long nights to stressful days, there are many obstacles that the nurses can face. For some, however, it can be the most rewarding career in the world. Here are the realities of being a nurse practitioner.

Long and Random Hours

Being a nurse practitioner means there’s no simple nine until five andthen coming home for tea. Working hours are switched up week by week; one week, they may be working during the daylight hours, while the next two nights in a row, they come home after 8 pm. There is no telling, as nurse practitioners are needed at all hours of the day! On top of this, no two days are ever the same.

They Come Across Medical Anomalies

Many like to think that the medical professionals of this world know exactly what they are doing and have experienced every medical ailment in patients. That is simply not true, and there are many times when the nurses will come across something they’ve never witnessed before and cannot explain. Of course, they will still do the best they can in the situation, but they may not have done it before. Thankfully, their years of studying means they are the best at what they are doing!

They Deal with Lots of Stress

Working with the ill is anything but an easy job. While it can be rewarding for many, there are many stresses that come along with it. The long hours can massively contribute to this, especially if a day is particularly difficult. Most people get to leave their jobs at 5 pm and switch off, but for nurse practitioners, their life becomes their job, as their biggest wish is to help the people they are treating.

They Have High Levels of Education

To become a nurse practitioner, one must first have a bachelor’s degree. Being a nurse practitioner is not a walk in the park, and they all have a high level of education from DNP programs, and bounds of knowledge about their practice. This means they have a lot of responsibilities, including diagnosing and treating patients.

There is a Lot of Responsibility

Nurse practitioners have a lot on their plates. From needing to correctly diagnose and treat a patient to the paperwork they have to deal with, it is a lot for one person. On top of that, there can be patients who take a lot of managing, leading to the next point…

Some Patients Will Be Difficult

A nurse practitioner will have to deal with difficult patients. Those who have worked in customer service know that this can be an everyday part of the job, but there is the added negative of patients threatening to sue in a hospital or clinic. Of course, this isn’t necessarily common, but dealing with difficult patients when the nurse is only trying to help can add on lots of stress!

Some Patients will Become a Friend

Contrary to the last point, nurse practitioners will find working on most patients to be an absolute joy. Some patients will become regular, and chatting to them each day will become something of a treat. Sharing time with an ill patient and helping them get better gives them a strong connection to the patients, who may even end up becoming a friend.

They Thrive when a Patient Recovers

There is nothing more wonderful to a nurse practitioner than seeing a patient working on getting better. It is the reason they joined the career in the first place and is the one thing that is sure to put a smile on their faces.

They Earn a Competitive Pay

A nurse practitioner is paid what they deserve. An average salary of a nurse practitioner is over $100,000 a year. After all the work they put in, it is definitely earned!

They Never Stop Learning

With some careers, education stops once you get through the interview. With nurse practitioners, this is not the case. They learn something new each day, from something as simple as a patient’s favoriteflavor of crisps to a new medical treatment that they hadn’t come across before. The medical world is always evolving, so medical practitioners must keep up to date with all the latest medical treatments and illnesses.

Nurse practitioners have one of the most stressful, tiring, and beautiful jobs in the entire world. A lot goes on each day, and they are always there to treat, talk, and learn something new.