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The Pregnant Dog Buried Alive For Days, Greets Her Rescuer With Kisses And Tail Wags

A dog in Voronezh, Russia spend 2 days buried beneath the front steps of a building after the workers filled the sinkhole with bricks and trapped her inside. The family that lived in the building starter hearing muted cries. The crying continued and there was no doubt where it was coming from. The family contacted the city’s housing office, explained the situation and got a terrible answer: that nothing can be done.


Luckily, one person wasn’t ready to give up yet. Vadim Rustam, one of the tenants in the building, began breaking the bricks, removing them one by one and digging the sand out with his bare hands.


As soon as he took off the last rock, a muzzle poked out into the daylight. Rustam helped the dog named Squirrel to get out through the opening.


Rustam not only saved Squirrel, but her unborn babies too. Everyone was thrilled about the rescue and Squirrel greeted her rescuer with kisses and tail wags.


See the amazing rescue!