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The Portable Canned Wine That Everyone is Craving

Just Enough Wines was created as a way to enjoy top quality wine wherever and whenever, with whomever they would like. Founded in 2020 by Jessica Herald, wine enthusiast and founder of Just Enough Wines, the idea was born when Jessica realized she could never find a quality canned wine.

“Living in San Francisco, I naturally gravitated to canned drinks as a portable and convenient way to take with me as I explored local parks and beaches, but I struggled to find a canned wine that actually tasted … good. I couldn’t understand how there could be an incredible wine region an hour drive from me, but I couldn’t find a canned wine solution that held up to the quality of wine found in a traditional bottle.”

Jessica partnered up with Co-founder and COO, Kaitlyn Lo, and Director of Winemaking, Ross Bentley, in order to create a canned wine brand that everyone will not only love, but will be convenient as well. With a practical serving size that equates to one and a half glasses of wine (a 6 pack equating to 2 bottles), it is easy to keep track of how much you’ve drunk and how much more you will want to take in. It is also helpful in planning ahead in figuring out how many cans you want to take wherever you go.

Currently selling four different kinds of wine (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Brut Bubbles, and Rosé), they have been able to garner much success in a quick amount of time. Created with grapes grown in some of the best regions of the country, the quality is incomparable. No other canned wine company has been able to achieve what they have achieved in such a short amount of time.

Along with their top quality and delicious taste, their Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan-friendly, and no added sugars or concentrates formula, along with the intense testing procedures, are what make Just Enough Wines so unique.

Already having much success on the West Coast, they are soon to bring their brand to Florida. Perfect for picnics, music festivals, sporting events, or relaxing beach days, Just Enough Wines is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite and most convenient wine.

To make the company even more attractive, they have had sustainability at the top of their mind since the beginning. Their aluminum cans are easily recyclable, and the reduced weight and packaging needed to ship cans helps in reducing the carbon footprint of shipping and producing wine.

Just Enough Wines is also partnered with 1% for the Planet, meaning that 1% of their revenue goes towards environmentally friendly non-profits. Their practical serving size also allows for fewer unfinished bottles to go to waste.

Soon to release three new wines, their business is rapidly expanding, meeting the demand that they are receiving. In time for the Fall, Just Enough Wines will be releasing a new Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and for the holiday season, a new Brut Bubbles is set to release as well.

With great care for their company and customers, Jessica, Kaitlyn, and Ross are sure to take Just Enough Wines far. Just in the beginning of their journey, with mass success so far, it is exciting to think about where their success will lead them.