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The Pomeranian That Was Abandoned For Being Too Big To Sell, Becomes A Huge Instagram Star

The Pomeranian Bertram had a rocky start to life. He was abandoned when he was 5 months because his breeders thought he was too big to sell. Luckily for Bertram, the artist Kathy Grayson discovered his photos online and couldn’t resist the adorable puppy.

“I saw Bert on PetFinder.com—there were three little photos, I thought the magic of knowing your new friend immediately wasn’t real until I felt it! His little face, his blue bandana, his giant paws and eyes pointing different directions, he was grey-colored, not brown, as a puppy, the expression on his face spoke to me, I knew it would be him” says Kathy.

Kathy adopted him from a shelter in Oklahoma, but the pair low lives in New York. The adorable Pomeranian who looks like a bear couldn’t be happier with his new life.

Kathy even made Bertram his own Instagram account, where she shared adorable moments from his everyday life. Bertram now has more than 437.000 followers and it’s a real star on Instagram.

Kathy thinks that the photo that boosted Bertie’s popularity was the one where he was dressed as Paddington Bear. People went crazy for the photos. People loved the fact that little Bertie resembles a little bear cub.

Bertie is not only an Instagram star, he’s also an art connoisseur in his owner’s gallery “The Hole”. People love coming to the gallery to see him, give him gifts and take photos. He’s super nice to his fans. Bertie also loves being at the gallery because he gets to spend all day with his beloved owner.