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The Perfect Happy Ending: Kitten Born Without Eyes Gets Rescued By Family Of Adopted Children

Ilene didn’t have an easy start at life. She was abandoned, wrapped in a bag and put in a trash bin. Being thrown away like trash wasn’t the worst part. What’s worse is that poor little Ilene was born without eyes and she couldn’t see the world. Luckily, a good Samaritan heard her cries for help, he took her out of the trash bin and took her to the local animal shelter.

Ilene didn’t let her blindness break her and the moment she was taken to the shelter, she turned into a playful kitten that loves life.

Ilene was checked by the vets and she’s need to have eye surgery to prevent infections from spreading. The surgery went amazing! Ilene felt great and she was ready for adoption!

But who would adopt a blind kitten? Well, Alanna Lundin and her 3 adopted kids were the match made in heaven for Ilene. Alanna became a foster parent to Cassandra,18, Elijah,14, and Samantha,13, three years ago. The poor kids were malnourished, scared and neglected through the foster care system.

“It was heartbreaking. I probably cried every night for a year straight, just because it would come up that they would share with me about their life that was so wrong to me. A lot of us are raised with families where we have a mom, or we have a dad and we go to school and we go to the doctor and they had never experienced any of that,” says Alanna.
After 3 years, Alanna officially adopted the 3 kids this past fall. The adorable family decided to adopt Ilene and give her a stable and happy home.

The kids love Ilene and they’re thrilled to help.

“For me, when I heard about it, it connected with our story. We weren’t treated well. We didn’t have stable food. We would go weeks without eating sometimes and just hearing about her being found like that, when she was just a baby, in a dumpster wrapped in a taco bell wrapper, it was terrible. And I felt like we can give her a home that she could enjoy and love. So, I feel like that is what our new mom has done for us and we can do that for her,” explains Samantha.