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The Perfect Guy For You Should Have These 13 Traits

Relationships are stuff that dreams are made of. It always keeps you happy and makes you feel satisfied with life. We all want that one partner who would accept us for who we are and love us – who would support us in what we do and not blink an eye when we ask for help. It’s like our dream person – someone we could never really forget. They are perfect and sometimes, we have to wait for the right moment for them to happen.

However, falling in love is easy but relationships are tough. You really have to deal with a lot when you are in a relationship. There are ups and down, and struggles. There will be periods of crying too. But that’s ok if you are with a proper partner. But no one would like to go through the same thing with a toxic partner. If the relationship is meant to go sour eventually, then what is the use of crying over it? It’s better to just dump the partner and move on. Maybe the right ‘guy’ is waiting for you.

When you are in a relationship with the right guy, he shows certain signs which proves it. Here are some of the signs that the perfect guy will display. Stay single till you get together with this kind of person:

1. Intimacy

The perfect guy will love to be with you. He will adore every moment that you are with him as something special. Kissing, playing with your hair and holding you close is something he would crave for all the time. He is perfect because his little gestures make a lot of meaning.

2. No Parental Lock

Quite a number of times, guys would not want to show you to their parents. It will define a future with you and it’s clear that they don’t want that. However, if you are with a guy who doesn’t shy away to show you to their parents, then that is the ultimate guy that you should go for. They know you are their future and wants you to be part of it.

3. Passion

If your partner is really passionate about you, then he is perfect. He admires you for who you are and loves you for that. He doesn’t want to change any part of you. Sometimes, he will give you surprises. That’s because he doesn’t want to lose any moment to make you smile, again.

4. Showing Off

If your partner doesn’t show you off in public, then he is not the right person for you. Your partner should be someone who would love to grab your ass in public or steal a kiss – he is not insecure about you. He is proud that you are in his life and wants to show the world his queen. It’s just an intense love that he expresses.

5. Possessive

If your partner is a little bit possessive about you, then consider yourself lucky. He is not someone who is willing to lose you any time soon. That’s why he wants to keep you in their eyes all the time. He cares for you so much that he can get a bit overprotective. He doesn’t want a scratch to come on you.

6. Support

Your partner should be like a pillar to you and would always be there when you need their support. He wants to support your dreams and ambitions and listens to them always. He comes up with new solutions to them. Your partner would do anything to help you out in your life.

7. Grateful

The best partner would be someone who is thankful that you have entered their life. He will make you feel like you are his world – the ultimate person who he was meant to meet. You complete him and have made him a person that he never imagined he could be. You are his motivator and partial-architect.

8. Honesty

Lies will only ruin a relationship. The perfect partner would not lie to you at all. He knows that the stakes are too high and he could not afford to spoil a relationship. He will be completely honest even if he does something wrong.

9. Time

Your perfect partner will have lots of time for you. He will make dinner plans and surprise dates just to be with you. Maybe he will spend his time calling you and talking for hours on the phone. He wouldn’t make excuses to escape you.

10. Special Times

Since you are the love of his life, he would make special time for you. He will take extra efforts to make your evening special, or even your entire day. He can plan secrets night-trips. Also, surprise sex – you will get loads of it.

11. Life Partner

If you are with a partner who claims that you are his life-partner, then that’s a huge commitment. He isn’t going to back down after making such a commitment. Love the committed person and never leave him because, he is considering you to be his One.

12. Loving Who You Are

Be with a person who doesn’t want to change anything about you. You are unique and you don’t need to change yourself for anyone. Your partner should not compare you with anyone, neither an ex nor a relative or a celebrity. You are your own person and he will love you for being that – YOU.

13. You Are His Universe

If your partner cannot think of life without you, then he is yours for the taking. He has made you the center of his life, his universe. He has fallen madly for you. You are his sun and he would anything to bask in your sunrays.

So, have you found your perfect match yet?