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The One Must-Have Item for Your Home Renovation

Recently, the demand for home renovations has skyrocketed. With millions of people working from home and settling into their space, it’s no surprise that they’re ready to finally tear down that wall and open up the kitchen, or make a reality out of the spa-like bathroom that they’ve dreamt of for years.

Now that it’s time to make that commute from the bedroom to the bathroom, through the kitchen and into the home office, there is one thing that’s going to take living – and working – through a renovation from dreadful to delightful: a portable storage container.

Let’s face it – many have been living in their house for years and there’s no doubt that they’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. And for the minimalists, even the stuff they do have, like furniture, is still pretty hefty. When owners start home renovation, the space needs to be cleared entirely and depending on the space, most are not going to want boxes of fragile dinner plates temporarily stacked in the hallway or bathtub.

Portable Storage is a Must-Have

The moving and storage industry has changed for the better and few people recognize what’s available. On average, people only conduct a big home move every ten years, so it may have been a while since home owners were pricing boxes or storage. Now is the time to become reacquainted with this industry because new portable storage units can ease a renovation burden. Home renovation storage containers can make a home livable while remodeling, not to mention it keeps things out of the way and away from the reno site, safe from dust, debris or paint.

Portable storage units are delivered to a home or selected location and remodelers lease the unit and its transport. Companies like 1-800-PACK-RAT offer weather resistant, secure units that once filled, can either be a temporary home for goods while renovations take place or can become more permanent and transported to a secure warehouse where goods stay safe, secure and easy to access.

Easy Access Anytime

So, what’s the difference between getting a portable storage container and a regular storage unit? For starters, a regular storage unit requires much more travel and energy. If homeowners are storing large furniture, the likelihood of having to rent a moving truck is pretty high, but even if a neighbor is lending his trailer, owners still have to load and unload more times than they hoped. Portable storage companies actually bring the storage to a home to pack it once before the renovation and unpack it once when the house is done being beautified. Not to mention, these storage containers are ground-level so there’s no worry about pushing and pulling heavy objects up a ramp.

The process for leasing these containers means they stay on the property, giving homeowners full access to their belongings for as long as needed. This is a game-changing option because home renos don’t always stick to the tight schedule homeowners hope for. The containers can be all-steel and weather-proof (no damp musty couch to load in) so they’re made to keep belongings safe. And the barn-style doors (did someone call Joanna Gains?) provide next-level security so it’s safe in the driveway. Owners also get their own lock and key to access their belongings anytime, so there are no worries about accidentally packing away the favorite facewash and having to buy a second.

Right-Sized for Every Need

Some people may wince at the thought of storage because, sure, trying to figure out how much space they’ll actually need is a process, and no one wants to overpay for storage they don’t need, or worse…needing more once everything is packed tight. These businesses can help. 1-800-PACK-RAT, for example, offers a free Storage Space Calculator and even a guide on how to properly inventory and measure goods to help make the most educated decision in choosing from their 8-foot, 12-foot or 16-foot containers.

Because the goal is to be able to live through renovation, few want to clear the house just to make room for all of the renovation materials to take up more space. That portable container is another great place to put everything that’s needed for the renovation so those in the home aren’t winding down next to a living room full of new appliances or building materials.

If the renovation is taking longer than expected, or homeowners know that it’s going to take a few months and don’t want the container sitting on their property the whole time, portable storage units can be transported to locked warehouses, too.  Often, the storage delivery trucks are equipped with lift systems that keep the container level while avoiding tilting or swaying the container, so homeowners can rest assured that all their things are safe from shifting or falling through the transporting process.

The Best Tool for the Job

Planning a renovation includes fabric and paint swatches, feet and feet of drop cloths and a lot of patience. But from measuring tapes to paint sprayers, the one tool homeowners should be considering before taking the first swing of a hammer is a portable storage unit. Keeping goods safe and out of the way can alleviate one of the stresses renovations can bring.