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The New Fashion Trend is a Unicorn Armpit Hair

There is a new fashion trend on the rise and it looks like it’s the weirdest one. We’re talking about the new colorful trend, bloggers seems to love- unicorn armpit hair. Yes, you’ve read it right, we’re not talking about hairstyle, we’re talking about beautiful, colorful, rainbow armpit hair. The unicorn concept has been really popular for quite a while now and it seems that it is not going away anytime soon. People have even up the game by using this theme for dying their armpit hair.

Celebrities are loving this trend too. Singer Miley Cyrus has been spotted rocking pink armpits.

People are truly loving this trend. It also serves as a reminder that body hair is normal, natural and really beautiful. Not to mention that adding a bit of color is pretty fun.

So how do you like this trend? Are you brave enough to rock the natural look or would you try the unicorn trend? It can be really interesting to add some color under your arms.

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